What if we lost the internet? (inspired by Lady G.)

Happy Sunday Guys:
This post, written by Dee over at “Caged Bird Sings,” was inspired by a thoughtful exchange that she and I had in the comment section of one of my posts.
If you haven’t already, please visit her blog.
She is a delightful writer.
Love and light to you all,
Lady G 😘💋

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Caged Bird Sings

In communicating with this inspiring writer, the question was asked ‘what if suddenly one day we lost all internet access?’  Which led me to write this:

Isn’t is strange how the internet has become so ….”life-giving” -for lack of a better term? I spent the first ten years of my life in the beautiful island of Jamaica; a life in which many would define as a privileged one.  The next ten years I spent in NJ.  During these first 20+ years the internet held no importance to me. Even during the first couple years of college, I used the computers simply to write papers. I don’t know at what point the internet became so important. But somewhere between then and now, the internet has become this life-giving beast.  People who would have otherwise been timid, shy, introverts became bold, outgoing extroverts with so much to say and are able to do…

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