Real Good Food: Of Crab and Carbs

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

So based on your advice, I decided to start cutting back on carbs.

In the interim, I will put on my stretch pants, walk and modify the remaining macronutrient proportions by cooking meals that are high in protein and moderately low in fat.

Oops…I almost forgot the water…I’ll be drinking lots and lots of water…(loaded with Crystal Light)


We’ll see what happens in due season.

Thanks for all of your advice guys!

Until we meet again, I bid you a Happy Wednesday!

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Here’s a video of my alter-alter ego, Big Thickem, having a bite of this crab situation!



My girl Sandra shared this picture of her specialty: Crab Fried Rice!



50 thoughts on “Real Good Food: Of Crab and Carbs

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  2. now that looks yummy, minus the shrooms of course….hate the shrooms. Stretch pants serve their purpose so you can’t totally dis them, especially come Thanksgiving….whole lot of carb fest going on that day and the week following with all the left overs 🙂 best wishes for slimming…..I may be joining you 🙂

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  3. Lady G!!! Stop it with the food pornography!!! I click on the video and you over here in a soft voice talking about “yes baybeee” … zooming in on the warm flesh of the cakes. Knock it offfffff lmaooo

    Those look scrumptious! Great work! Crystal Lite is a godsend huh?! You may also like Vitamin Water Zero. All the flavor, none of the guilt =D

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  4. Ellie P

    Ok, since I’m not into either crab OR mushrooms (remember that when I come to dinner at your place 😉 ), I’m pretending that they’re mashed potatoes – and I’m scarfing ’em down! Cuz they LOOK so damn good! LOL!

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    1. Hi Roger. Thanks.
      Just wanted to offer a word of sympathy for recent events in London. I stand in solidarity with you and all of my friends across England 😞
      All my best to you and everyone else from that beautiful and strong “Isle.”

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Thanks so much for your kind words Gwin.
        Where ever and who ever the hate-mongers are, they will not win.
        We The People will stand together.
        God Bless You and yours Gwin.

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  5. It’s funny. I have been living in VA for the past 3 years and haven’t had a crab cake yet. When we lived in MD and PA they were a stone’s throw away. Guess I am spoiled by growing up near the home of Old Bay and Phillips in Baltimore. Maybe if I make it to Oregon, I will have a better crab cake experience than I did when I was in LA. You always make me hungry, Lady G! LOL.

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    1. I imagine it would be hard getting used to crab cakes anywhere other than MD.

      So, are you trying to get to Oregon? Do you want to live there? I’m asking because I’ve had 3 sets of friends to escape to the PNW…two to Seattle and another to Portland.

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  6. Macronutients… I don’t know what those are! Sodium? Sugar? I hear people talking about macros all the time but don’t have a freaking clue! Ack!

    And now that I’m done freaking out, I’ll look forward to hear how low carbs work for you. Are you counting grams?

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  7. Girl, I’m putting on weight just READING these ‘real good food’ posts!! Hey I’ve gotta get me some bigga clothes just to read and digest! LOL
    Lovely pictures Lady G – my mouth is watering! 🙂
    Glad to see your new eating regime has started – keep us updated now!

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        1. Marie,
          I also wanted to offer my sympathy about recent events in London. I stand in unity with you and everybody in England. Be strong! We’re with you 🙏🏾🌹💖

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        2. Gwin, thank you so much for your care and concern. Fortunately for me I have not been directly involved, but hearing and seeing how horrific it has been for those who have lost loved ones and been injured is devastating. Your kindness is much appreciated.

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        3. Yes he is absolutely right Gwin, but you can’t help but reach out in your heart when you see the faces of those who were mowed down just going about their daily lives: picking up children from school, enjoying a holiday in London from the States, doing their job … yes we need to stand strong, but my heart breaks for those who are grieving. ❤❤

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