24 thoughts on “On Faith

  1. That’s an amazing photo! I know where I place my faith, but I also understand why that can be a difficult question to answer for many people. I think faith and where you place it depends very much on your life experiences and your mind set. Those who believe we are spiritual beings will in all probability place our faith in God. When I look at the glorious photo above and you tell me that you have taken it, then I know my faith is not misplaced. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much M’Lady!
      Yes, I grabbed that shot last Fall.
      As for me, I have to believe that there is a higher intelligence at work when I see something as awesome as the sun peaking over a valley of trees! No one could ever convince me that it all just occurred out of nowhere–Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount The Big Bang and The Theory of Evolution..but I don’t think they can adequately explain the entire story.
      My favorite question is,”How do we go from single celled organisms to people driving Minivans–not to mention flying around in airplanes.” LOL!!!
      Again, thanks love! Always a pleasure to have you around 🌹

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      1. When I commented, Lady G, my comment disappeared completely! You know how you comment and then you see your message is awaiting moderation? Well that never happened and I really did not feel inclined to type it all again. Imagine my surprise when elliebleu ‘liked’ my comment! And now I see you got it too! I think our mothers are having fun again! Remember?! 🙂
        Yes I wholeheartedly agree my love – big bangs and evolutionary theories are all well and good, but how did these start – what was behind them??!!! There’s a lot we don’t know and theories just do not cut it! LOL!!!! 🌹


        1. Ever since I upgraded my blog I’ve been having trouble with comments. Hopefully it will settle down soon. But that said, I’ve had a couple of bloggers tell me that they are experiencing the same thing on their blogs.
          Anyway, to your point, where did it all start? I’d go on to ask what or who helped it to move so fast?! LOL!!!!
          You and I are definitely on the same page 🙂

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  2. Beautiful quote. There’s been times when it’s been difficult to place faith, especially when I worked in areas of the world where children are suffering from malnutrition and then a natural disaster would sweep in. I admit, I was the first one to loose faith. Yet weeks later, when the storm dies down or the earthquakes stop, the roads were cleared, and we were able to deliver food, we’d see children run to us with a smile. My faith will always be in their smiles.

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    1. Oh I think that your line of thinking is only natural. We do have to ask those questions when we see suffering. But, we have to ask ourselves how WE allow suffering.
      I think you might be too young for Mr. Rogers but he once said that he asked his mother where God was when tragic things happen. His mother wisely responded,”Look for the helpers…there you will find God.”
      I’ve loved and kept that quote ever since I first heard it!
      So glad you always were able to find faith in the beauty of a child’s smile 🙂 To me, that’s yet another aspect of God or The Divine 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by love 🙂

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      1. I loved Mr. Rogers. That’s a wonderful quote. I think now that I can reflect on my work abroad, I’m able to see that helpers shine brighter than tragedy. It’s why I took a break from everything, to gain perspective. Thanks for reminding me 😉

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        1. Each of us are individual expressions of God and you’ve been doing EXACTLY what he wants you to do–be it caring for children or raising the vibration of your followers and readers by sharing lovely pictures of ‘real good food.’ 🌹

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  3. Methinks I might be the only atheist within miles of this post. Lol. But, see, I think Marianne Williamson’s quote leaves out a third alternative: faith in oneself and one’s own mighty brainpower. Yes, I suppose a person of faith would say, “Where do you think that brainpower comes from?” At which point I would lower my eyes, leave the room and move on to things of lesser import but greater pleasure: chocolate. 😀

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