Song Challenge- Day Four


Speaking of flipping….

The song for today comes from this one cat who flipped the entire freaking script–musically that is!

Don’t believe me?

Well, allow me to present you with:

“Whirly Girl” by Oxo (1983)

The front man for OXO was also one of the same dudes who wrote, produced and performed “Get Off” by Foxy (1978) !

Say what????  How can two songs be so different?

Dude flipped from R&B right over to Pop!

It’s called FLEXIBILITY!  An absolute prerequisite for flipping!


That doggone Ish Ledesma ain’t no joke!

My kinda dude!

Did he flip the script or what?


Today is open to any blogger who wishes to participate.  Just follow the rules in my post entitled “Song Challenge-Day One.”

Lady G 😘💋

10 thoughts on “Song Challenge- Day Four

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Nice reminder there’s Happy Music out there.
    I would have loved to have seen a video of the rehearsals for Whirly Girl, a lot of hard work in there.

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  2. Ok! So, for number 1, I had to stop watching about 2/3 of the way through – I was exhausted!!! LOL! BTW, the set and costumes took me wayyyy back, looked like Laugh-In! (But much later) Gives new meaning to the term, “high-energy”!
    Re #2 – high-energy too, but kinda funkier, sexier, stronger beat. Yeah!!! If I hadn’t just washed a sink full o’ dishes, washed my hair, practiced guitar, gone for walk, made supper, ate it, all in last 2 hours, I’d’ve got up and danced. But your song pick #1 tired me right out!! rotfl!!

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    1. That whirly girl was whirling her arse off! LOL!!!!
      I used to love that song when I was a young teen! But you are right, there is quite a bit going on there.
      Clearly, you’ve had your hands full today! LOL!
      It’s always so much fun hearing your take 🙂

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