Madison’s Essence 

Adult content

Reblogged from Braedenmichaels
An absolutely tantalizing piece 💖


Invincible Verses

Sweet brown sugar
Habenero pepper on her lips
Invigorating serene eyes
Dashing wild smile
Intellectual stimulating
Culturally educated
Admiring her heritage
Embracing her history
to build a brilliant future
Desiring your seductive mind
Appreciating the center
Itching to just be beside you
Absorbing your presence
Thoughts of you are magical

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19 thoughts on “Madison’s Essence 

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Hi Gwin
        I had a quick ‘chat’ with Braedenmichaels and they said they did like that style of music!
        Good to be ‘speaking’ with you again Gwin. Hope you and yours are well
        All the best

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