If I Had Known (Braeden’s Writing Challenge) 

Poet Braeden Michaels issued a poetry challenge where he asked readers to offer a word or phrase as a poem title that he would write.
LadyG challenged him with the phrase: “If I had known…”
This is the breaktaking result!

Storm of Ink

If I had known

her heart was so delicate

I would have been gentle

If I had known

that I was immature

I would have been patient

If I had known

she would have changed

I would have stayed

If I had known

she would take her own life

I would have done things differently

If I had known

this would have changed me forever

I wouldn’t have done anything different

*Lady Ghad requested me to use this title as a poem.

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20 thoughts on “If I Had Known (Braeden’s Writing Challenge) 

    1. Oh no! I’ve been quite busy for the past couple of weeks. This is the first chance I’ve had to respond.
      By the way, Lady G is not easily offended LOL!!!! Keep coming back M’Lady!

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      1. As long as you’re fine Lady G – that’s all that matters. I get so used to you blogging regularly, that when I don’t see that you have posted … *Marie shouting down the ‘phone to the fire-brigade: “It’s ok – there’s no fire!!!”* LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow. :’-( I second what Shiva said above.

    [Typo in your intro paragraph: “breaktaking”? Did you mean breathtaking? Or heartbreaking? Or… maybe you created a melding of the two – which is so apropos of his sad, sad poem!]

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