If I Had Known (Braeden’s Writing Challenge) 

Poet Braeden Michaels issued a poetry challenge where he asked readers to offer a word or phrase as a poem title that he would write.
LadyG challenged him with the phrase: “If I had known…”
This is the breaktaking result!

Storm of Ink

If I had known

her heart was so delicate

I would have been gentle

If I had known

that I was immature

I would have been patient

If I had known

she would have changed

I would have stayed

If I had known

she would take her own life

I would have done things differently

If I had known

this would have changed me forever

I wouldn’t have done anything different

*Lady Ghad requested me to use this title as a poem.

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20 thoughts on “If I Had Known (Braeden’s Writing Challenge) 

      1. As long as you’re fine Lady G – that’s all that matters. I get so used to you blogging regularly, that when I don’t see that you have posted … *Marie shouting down the ‘phone to the fire-brigade: “It’s ok – there’s no fire!!!”* LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow. :’-( I second what Shiva said above.

    [Typo in your intro paragraph: “breaktaking”? Did you mean breathtaking? Or heartbreaking? Or… maybe you created a melding of the two – which is so apropos of his sad, sad poem!]

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