Next Year

Though my body has betrayed me…

I’ll proceed with next year’s plans.

Springtime in Paris!

Summer on Puget Sound!

Fall in Maine!

And Winter?


A homecoming celebration like you’ve never seen!

A place where I’ll see them all!

You know…

The ones who left before me.

And after that…

I rest.



For those of us who are dealing with end of life issues.

















42 thoughts on “Next Year

  1. Hi Gwin! Finally found you!! (Whooo-hooo!!)
    I received your lovely message and started to reply to it; then some pixie in WP stole it away!
    Annddd was tied up with domestic ‘stuff’
    Anyway, wishing you and yours all the very best for 2018.

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      1. They do love to distress and confound don’t they!
        Great to be in contact with you again Gwin. How’s the new job treating you?
        All the best to you too.
        (Ps: If you liked to see how Trelli managed ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ is free on Kindle from Friday through until Sunday)

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        1. They do…don’t they? LOL! The new job is great but it can be demanding. I really like it though.
          BTW…Do you have a hardcover copy of “Isles” or Patchwork? I don’t have a Kindle. I’d love to purchase a hardcover of both.

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  2. Unknown

    New Year brings on new beginnings or continuing to make that which you have already started greater. Many blessing, peace and joy throughout this year for you!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Lady G!!!!!!

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    1. Happy New Year my friend! It’s so good to hear from you! I’ve been very scarce since starting a new job so I haven’t had a chance to catch up with my blogging pals. Are you still a “wonderful thing?” LOL!!!

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