Love is like the Sea

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, I have decided to select and recite some romantic pieces from a few of my favorite poets on WordPress.

Today, I give you:

Love is like the Sea…
A piece written by a lovely and gifted poet, my sister from the UK, Marie.

Recited by Lady G.



Image – source unknown

Love is like the sea
There are hidden depths
You never know how deep it is
If you only stick your toe in
Just think how much more
We have yet to discover –
Let’s jump in!

Romantic love can be
A source of pleasure and of pain
You have to let your spirit reign
With majesty yet humbly
In order to gain
The greatest gift humans can share –
Come on, let’s swim away!

And now we’re floating, like a boat
And now we’re diving – water in my throat
But that’s just how it is and will always be
Sometimes floating like a dream
Other times we want to choke
Unless we go for broke
And stroke this crazy emotion – we’ll be left standing on the shore!

© Copyright – Marie Williams – April 2009
Love is like…

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18 thoughts on “Love is like the Sea

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  2. I knew it! I just simply knew this was the poem you were going to recite, Lady G! I just didn’t know that today would be the day!! What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much – you have made my day! You have the most beautiful voice …you have made my poem come alive!

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    1. No, my love, thank you for allowing me to recite your beautiful words💋 I always worry if the poet will like my offering so I do get a bit nervous about it 😔 I feel better now that you’ve heard it. 💋💋

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lady G, if there is anything you need to worry about, it is certainly not that. With that voice, guurrrl, it’s a wonder somebody hasn’t ‘discovered’ you yet – you’d be great doing ‘voice’ work – media related – that sort of thing. Although I do understand what you mean about being nervous.
        This recitation is going to be a lovely keepsake for me – thank you! 💋💋

        Liked by 1 person

Lady G appreciates your comments ! 💋💋

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