As I mentioned in this blog’s birthday post, I’ve been in introspection mode.

Hence, my inactivity on WP.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been involved in some form of deep study, meditation, prayer and contemplation ever since this blog’s inception.

Trust me, there has always been something deeper lurking beneath my tomfoolery!

And I mean ALL. OF. IT! 



I’ve spent a great deal of time reading works that span generations, distance and culture. In essence, I wanted to cull and synthesize enlightened concepts from a very broad perspective.

And you know what?

There were several common truths that absolutely permeated seemingly divergent schools of thought.

Ah…but there was one truth, other than love, that continued to leap all the way up into my frontal cortex!



I get it, but follow me now…

What I have learned is that each one of us is personally responsible for our own lives.


Don’t get me wrong, I understand the temptation to dwell on all of the ways in which others have mistreated or abused us…I’ve had my share of both.

But in the end…

It is our responsibility to do whatever we need to do to take our lives into the direction of our choosing.

And to that end, I have been having some great discussions with my closest friends and family about how that might look in our own lives–regardless to the actions or inactions of mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, uncle, aunt, cousin, neice, nephew….society and so on.

I think one of my mama’s closest friends said it best…

“Gwin, don’t trust nobody with YOUR life!”

Though she said those words to me many years ago, they now ring with a resonant tone.

And so…

I’d like to share a video with you that was sent to me by one of my best friends, Sandra.  She and I had been talking about this topic for a long time, so she was knocked off her feet when she stumbled upon this:


Watch the video before it gets pulled!  LOL!

Here’s the link just in case!

Either way…

Let’s discuss.

Love and light to you all!

LadyG 💋

34 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. Yep. A lot of times we don’t want to take responsibility because it’s easier to continue to place blame with someone else. Also, we don’t like to take responsibility because it requires us to look within, at OURSELVES. Another reason we don’t like to take responsibility is because we think it means the other person is “off the hook” for doing whatever s/he did. Ultimately, though, as you, Sandra, and Will have reiterated, we have to if we want forward movement. It’s necessary to live a conscious life. Finally, one of my favorite Brene Brown quotes is, “Who you gonna blame your life on today?” It has just enough umph to make you pause and think…cause really, after a certain point in time, it’s your life to create.

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  2. This rang so true with me. I saw Will’s video when he posted it and it made sense then. I love don’t trust nobody with YOUR life! It’s true. It means that your happiness will be on someone else’s shoulders. It also means that you won’t create boundaries. That’s the opposite of being responsible. We are all responsible for our own happiness, actions, boundaries, etc.

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  3. Hey Gwin, here’s a piece of synchronicity. As I was reading your thought-provoking piece and listening to the clip on Fault and Responsibility, the talk show host on the radio started talking about responsibility. She was talking about it in relation to politics. Today marks the commemoration of the day that Nelson Mandela walked out of prison for the first time after being incarcerated for 27 years. I remember that day so well, when our nation held its breath in awe of this Messiah. The mistake we made was to hand over our responsibility to be vanguards of our our new freedom. Over the past few years we became prisoners of many things, forced to wait for another Messiah.

    This morning in my own reflections, I thought about this – both at a political and personal level – how I could release myself from feeling trapped by circumstance and guess what- my own conclusion before reading your piece or listening to the radio was to list all the things I can still take responsibility for and forge ahead with – all areas I have control over or the gift of choice. So, your piece is like a sign for me, affirming the decisions I have just made. Imagine if we could collectively take up our own share of responsibility – what power we could wield over society and our own lives. Thank you for sharing this message which is so empowering Gwin. Have an awesome Sunday !!💞💞

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    1. More synchronicty Chevvy – this last week I was reading about the very same thing you talk about
      in these lines: ” …Imagine if we could collectively take up our own share of responsibility – what power we could wield over society and our own lives”. – Imagine my sense of affirmation to see your words echo what I had only been reading a few days ago! 🙂

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      1. Synchronicity indeed Marie. There is such magic in our our consciousness aligning this way. For me, it’s like an answer to what I’ve been praying about. I needed to read Gwin’s message and hopefully, all of this helps with what is on your mind. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Marie.😀

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        1. Oftentimes when we don’t pay attention, multiple attempts are made to ensure that we get it – sometimes even physical ailments. But enough of that. Glad to see you ladies again.😀

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    2. It is amazing how synchronicity knows no distance! Consciousness is everywhere, at once, all the time 🙂
      Sis, your statement about the mistake of not accepting responsibility to be vanguards of your freedom (in S.A.) is quite applicable for us here in the U.S. Actually, I found myself re-reading this part of your post because I feel that we did exactly the same thing. I won’t go too far with that analogy lest I open another can of worms. That said, I think you know exactly what I mean.
      I’m just so glad that I could provide confirmation on some of the things that you had already been thinking about implementing in your own life.
      Amazing how we’re always on the same wavelength aren’t we? 💞

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      1. Indeed, it knows no distance and traverses time as you said in your initial reflection. But remember we are seekers too and in seeking we will find. But patience is hard work. I shall keep you posted in where this leads me. I’m glad I came this way today!😊😊

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  4. Funnily enough Gwin, I too have been doing some deep soul searching and pondering on the meaning of life. I think there comes a time in every one’s life when they do this – some earlier than others. Before my deep soul searching and reflection, nobody would’ve been able to convince me that it was my responsibility to create the life I want to live. Some hurts are so deep (particularly the hurts caused by parents in childhood) that you don’t even know how to begin creating the life you want, so entrenched are you in the traumatic effects of abuse. But that said, when you are able to think clearly and forgive, then you are able to move on and realise that you don’t have to be a victim. You can take your power back and create a life that is fulfilling. It’s not easy though. But then life is not easy for anyone – not even those who perhaps have not suffered in the way that you might have done. I agree though, that it is your responsibility to live the best life you can – after all, you are the only one who can do that – no one else can live your life for you.
    A very thought-provoking post, Gwin!

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    1. This idea of responsibility can be very tricky; especially when it comes to deep traumas.

      As you said, most people who endure those kinds of hurts do find it very difficult to know how to go about creating a better life–and understandably so.

      Your response affirms that there usually comes a point when we can create just enough space for clarity and forgiveness.

      The next step, in due season, is moving past fault while moving toward responsibility.

      That said, I am so happy that you were able to open up that space in your life. What a blessing for you, your lovely daughter and all the generations that follow.

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  5. Will makes a good point. I’ve had a lot of pain in my life and it almost got the best of me. But doing as you are, I also thought long and hard about it all, looked inside myself and not all I liked seeing either. If you’re being completely honest with yourself, (meaning me), you find out what you actually did do wrong, then you can figure out how to fix it. What wasn’t your fault – is NOT your responsibility to fix.


    1. So true GP!
      I’ll add that it takes so much courage to look inward and face and acknowledge things about ourselves that we don’t like or that don’t serve us.
      For me, it was a critical first step towards taking responsibility and fixing those things that blocked me from living the life that I desired🙏🏽

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  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Great video Gwin, thanks for the share!!
    This is so true. Sometimes you can’t do much about the bad memories or the hurt, they don’t go away, but you can indeed make sure the contagion does not spread.
    It’s good to go exploring within and then journeying outwards, because we are livening in a large amazing Creation, so my best wishes with your own journey Gwin, it’s going to be a good one.
    By the bye, I did get your greeting from a few days back, but WP was being contrary and would not send it (who knows why?).
    So, this time around all the very best to you and yours Gwin and good journeying!!

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    1. Thank you Roger!
      I love your point about ‘contagion.’ We must stop it.
      Oh, and inner exploration is critical for growth.
      As always, I wish you all the best.
      BTW: Let us take a moment to bless the WP sprites that enjoy causing havoc with comments😂😂💕💕Maybe they will be more kind to us.

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yes, perhaps we should try and be kind to them and explain they shouldn’t be so mischievous 🙂.
        Great to be speaking with you again Gwin.
        All the best!

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