Big 5-0 in January 2019

Lady G


Yes! I will be celebrating my 50th voyage around the sun in 2019.

Notice the euphemism for turning 50 years old!


No, seriously, I’m good with it…despite coming to the realization that I have already, very likely,  lived more than half my lifetime.

In other words, I have more years behind me than ahead of me.

Ah…but then there’s the case of my Grandmother, Annie Maude, who lived to be 100 years old…maybe I inherited her longevity!

You remember my Grandmother don’t you?

If not, you can meet her here where she shares fashion, beauty and make up tips.

I digress!

Anyway, one of my best friends, Sandra, and I have decided that we are going to celebrate being 50 for the ENTIRE year!  Our goal is to do many of the things that we’ve always wanted to do.

You know, all the things that we had no “time” to do…

All the things we had no courage to do…

All the things we had no money to do…

All the freakin’ THINGS!

Please believe that I will share all of those adventures here on seekthebestblog.

Frankly, I’m strangely encouraged, and at this point, I feel that the sky is the limit!

Chile, I’ve been thinking about taking LadyG to a burlesque stage near you LOL!

Would you come see me if I did?

Can you imagine sassy Lady G on stage in her skivvies talking cold hard trash?

Why not?

Check it out, I’ve cleaned up my diet and adopted a fitness routine that works for me, and to that end, I’ve dropped some pounds.

Back to burlesque…

I’m not afraid to take every square inch of this fine brown frame on stage and have a ball!

Hey! I’m turning 50 and next year I’m going to travel and really live this last portion of my life!

Why the hell NOT? With a spirit guide like George Harrison I can do ANYTHING! LOL!


Lady of intrigue 🙂

What say you?

What have you always wanted to do?

Love and light to you

Lady G 😘💋💋





20 thoughts on “Big 5-0 in January 2019

  1. Cuz! Welcome to the 50’s! As one who’s dwelt here for nigh 8 years (I said NIGH 8), I can testify to the beauty here. The women are lovlier, smarter, and wiser.

    You’re gonna be a wonderful addition to the club.

    It feels so good to be among the wise elders of the tribe and yet still possess most of the physical ability of the “young”.

    And YES! I believe you’ll be around until AT LEAST 120.


    1. I just love you Ron!!!! And yes, you are the only person who can legitimately roll up on here and us the word “nigh” and KILL. IT!!! You are BOSS when it comes to this writing thang!
      I really appreciate your thoughts and your kind words.
      And we BOTH inherited that Annie Maude longevity! 😘💋💋💋

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi there Gwin! Just thinking about you today and wishing you (in my head a Happy Christmas!)
    Fifty in January eh?
    Oh you youngsters! You behave on your birthday now…you kids!
    Let me know the date and I shall raise a glass to Lady Gwin of Mathilda.
    All the best

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    1. My dear Roger! THANK YOU!!!

      So good to “see” you here! I often think about you! How is the writing going? Well I hope! I’m tickled to think that you thought about me.

      So….dig this….At work, I have had fun telling all of my anglophile co-workers that I have a friend in Wales who has named me one of the Great Ladies of the imaginary House of Mathilda! I say, “Meghan Markle is clearly NOT, the first black royal in the history of The Isles!

      That said, my friend, I have one request, a birthday request, if you will. Could you write a “formal” very English sounding line (A sentence or two) that “officially” dubs Lady G one of the true Ladies of your ” House of Mathilda?” You could leave it right here in comments!

      I would be thrilled!


      Big hugs to you and the family. I hope that you all have a very Happy (Merry) Christmas!

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Hi back Gwin.
        It’s been a busy year, Ups and Downs (y’know like nearly everyone else on God’s Earth).

        In the meantime:
        My research when writing my two volumes of ‘The History of These Isles’ led me to conclude that whereas many folk impacted upon the history of these isles, not enough consideration was given to the ‘Age of the Matildas’
        This period took place during the reign of Stephen I (1092/6 – 25 October 1154), when his right to the throne was contested by the daughter of his predecessor Henry I, she being Empress Matilda.
        A great struggle took place, Matilda being a stalwart and tough foe. When Stephen was captured his rule was kept in place by his equally determined wife Matilda of Boulogne. Thus did these two strong women hold the reigns of powers for some time and made a more constructive effort than the men who just hit each other and the peasants.
        It should also be noted that the powerful King David I of Scotland was married to Matilda of Huntingdon (one of her children becoming a saint).

        This writer concludes it is undeniable these were women of striking character and ability.
        Thus when considering the scope in depth of achievements in Life of Family, Profession and Blog, the Lady Gwin of Best Blog it must be stated by this historian The Lady Gwin has displayed similar qualities of determination, skill and forbearance, added to which she has a sense of humour, possibly lacking in these aforementioned formidable ladies.
        Therefore by the powers vested in me as an Historian it is with all solemnity and gladness that I, Roger Jacob, writing as R J Llewellyn, do this day 19th December in the year 2018 do proclaim as follows:
        From the date of The Lady Gwin of Best Blog’s 50th Birthday, let it be known she may with all truth and dignity bear the title Lady Gwin; Honour’d Lady of the House of Matildas (And Mathildas) by proclamation and efforts. And from that date bear herself as a true Matilda or Mathilda as she so see fit.

        Laudo et congratulor.

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        1. THIS!!!!! This!!! This!!! SOOOOOOOO much more than I could have imagined!
          A thousand Thank yous to you, my friend!
          You WILL see these very words again on my birthday!!!!
          Thank you 🙏🏽
          Love always,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          LadyG, House of Mathilda

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