Love Poems Read By Lady G: Instantly Inflamed

Because this dude does sensuality better than any poet I know…I give you for Valentine’s Day, my voice reading Braeden Michael’s Instantly Inflamed! YAAASSSS

Storm of Ink

Stunning articulation

A voice of sensuality

Provocative delivery

A steamy tone

Ambrosial tongue

A salacious wonder

Desirous aphrodisiac

A delightful voice

Captivating dream

A luscious sound

Drowning fantasy

A vivacious jolt

Riveting earthquake

A vivid astonishment

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6 thoughts on “Love Poems Read By Lady G: Instantly Inflamed

    1. LISA!!!!!! How are you love? Happy Valentine’s Day! I am well and I pray that you are too! Hugs and kisses right back at cha!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


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