Interview with Dr. K. E. Garland (Part 1)

Please enjoy this video of me and Michelle at Me, Intimatelyworded interviewing author and writer Dr. K. E. Garland at Kwoted

In this video, Dr. Garland talks about her writing process and the affect that some of her subject matter has had on her personally.

And YES, my Southern accent is SUPER THICK in this one!

Stay tuned for subsequent videos!

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17 thoughts on “Interview with Dr. K. E. Garland (Part 1)

        1. YAAAAAY! We would LOVE to do that! I know I don’t get over much, but I have always enjoyed your writing and your topics! Always on point! And it’s so much fun watching dear Munch grow up (I peep him on instagram). He’s got a birthday coming up soon, right?

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  1. I absolutely love us together! As individuals we have such phenomenal presence. I give you so much love in creating and birthing this idea, Gwin. Doc, you know to keep doing you—we are you! Keep shining. #dopewomen

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