Coronavirus Ramble



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Interacting with Family



Here’s my take (ramble/rant) on how the threat of coronavirus has changed the way I do things!

How has YOUR life changed?

Hit me up in comments!


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Correction:  Taurus rules banking and such, which makes it closely related to its fellow earth sign, Capricorn which rules government.



12 thoughts on “Coronavirus Ramble

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  2. Well, living in Small Southern Town, U.S.A. has been very interesting. People here don’t seem to believe that lard is greasy or that fatback poke (you may have to interpret that last one for your audience😂)! So far, we’ve only had one case in the entire County so, I believe that has contributed to a general lack of concern about Cora Rona!

    The weird thing (cause I don’t want to say “stupid thing” but that’s what I mean). The weird thing is, we only have a small “Regional Hospital” here. The nearest major facility-Phoebe Putney—is 45 miles away (by the way, our hospital is run by Phoebe and all of our serious patients are transported to Phoebe)

    Phoebe-Putney is 45 miles away, in the Albany, GA AND is considered by the CDC to be a HOTSPOT for Ms Rona infections! BUT, in the minds of a lot of CUTHBERTIANS, the HOTSPOT designation doesn’t apply to Cuthbert—to far away-they’ve determined. Never mind that, in large cities 45 miles is just across town. Mind you, EVERDAY:

    1. Ambulances transport patients back and forth.
    2. People go from Cuthbert to the Walmart in Albany
    3. Many Cuthbertians work in Albany—some actually work at Phoebe Putney.
    4. Some of our hospital employees also work at Phoebe
    5. People shop in Albany
    6. Most of our teachers are from Albany

    Cuthbert is basically a suburb of Albany, BUT “we have nothing to worry about” say the CUTHBERTIANS.

    Anyway, your two cousins living here are not among the stupid 😂

    I go out about every 3 days—gloved up and carrying my hand sanitizer and “bleach rag”!
    I wait until it’s close to closing time because fewer people are in the store. We only have Piggly Wiggly, Family Dollar, and Dollar General. Family dollar is less frequented by CUTHBERTIANS.

    Aleshia is sheltered in place but she has lots of company in and out. However, she has a really nice SHE-SHED in which to isolate herself from visitors at the BIGHOUSE.😊

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    1. OOOOOOH Ron!
      This is such a juicy response!
      You GOTTA know that word had spread all up and down the interstate that Albany is a hotspot! Word on the street is that it is all linked to two funerals and a funeral home! I was like I just be doggone!
      But on top of all that, cuz, who knew that citizens of Cuthbert are called Cuthbertians! I ain’t gonna lie, when I read that, my mind wandered to Lilliputians! Based on what you’ve shared here, it sounds like SOME Cuthbertians are thinking like Lilliputians. LOL!!!
      This is why social distancing is so important. Point blank, in the words of the great Toni Morrison.. “(They) can’t handle their freedom!”
      Our local hospital has taken in patients from Phoebe Putney. It really is a very serious matter. I just don’t understand what people are thinking.
      And I hollered when you mentioned your bleach rag—don’t think that didn’t cross my MIND since there is no freaking sanitizer to be found. Surprisingly, my dear Lady J collects hand sanitizer and had about 6 little fragrant bottles that she got from Bed Bath and Beyond over the past year or so. Who in the hell knew that her stash would be worth gold?
      I am glad to know that my kinfolk are observing Universal Precautions, but that’s to be expected from a family steeped in healthcare.
      I love y’all! Stay safe!

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  3. Lawd! That poor little Publix lady had a story to tell when she got home lol I feel you about things changing. I’ve been grateful every day that I have a 21- and 18-year-old, girl!

    Also, glad to hear your astrological/spiritual thoughts. Not sure if I told you, but my sister bought me a goddess deck and I’ve been practicing 😉

    Rona has not affected me too much. I already worked from home mostly and went out occasionally, you know? I have noticed I have a few more coins in my pocket, though lol

    Stay well girl! Again, I’m glad to see you back on the socials ❤

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    1. Chile that lady was nervous as hell! She shole didn’t want to have to tell me to put ALLLLL that shit back! LOL!
      Thanks for the kind words! I am glad to be back. Had to jump off social media for awhile. As I mentioned Dad had a major health issue but he’s recovering nicely.
      I miss chatting; hell, I forgot my instagram log-in! LOL!!!

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  4. Love your accent! I have to work, and as a result of so many businesses and schools shut down, there’s no traffic to get to work. The great toilet paper scandal of 2020 seems to be on the wane, so shopping is not as bad as it was last week. Stay safe!!!

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    1. Hey there my friend! Glad to see you here 🙂 Thanks for the compliment and allow me to also thank you for the work that you do because your job is CLEARLY essential to keeping things going for the rest of us.
      Toilet paper? Don’t get me started on that. LOL!!!! You take care and stay safe as well!

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