Crisis, Opportunity, and Innovation


Clearly, I ain’t got nothing but time.

That said, I’d much rather spend said time in a way that is inspiring and hopeful.

Frankly, I am getting heart-sick listening to grim statistics being flashed on top of needless political posturing.

I grieve for the sick and the dying.  Not to mention the ones who have made a painful and isolated transition.

I worry for my friends and family who are on the front lines of caring for the ill.

A change in perspective?


It’s a MUST!

And so…

I’ve decided that I am NOW going to focus my attention on “the helpers.”

My apologies to Mr. Rogers for taking so long to do so.

To that end, I have been watching videos and reading articles about folks who are using their knowledge, skills and abilities to solve the problem of medical supply scarcity.

Baby, these folks are on the grind!  They are using their “know how” and ingenuity to design and create face masks, N95 respirators and even ventilators!

YES baby, they are from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

(Special shout out to Georgia Tech engineers as I am Georgia born and bred!)

Hats off to ALL the folks who are doing the damn thang and to the folks who produced this piece.

Check out this link:

LadyG love you!

7 thoughts on “Crisis, Opportunity, and Innovation

  1. Great piece Cuz. As you know, I spent half of my life working in the medical field and I can truthfully say, I never imagined we’d be here. A PPE SHORTAGE? We used to just toss that stuff without a thought.

    The good thing is that—as in all wars—advances are made in tech, usability, etc. This war seems to be no different.

    Someone once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and we can see that In action in your informative piece. I’m going to share this babe!

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    1. I know right cuz?! Who ever would have thunk it? It’s really sad because we probably should have gotten ahead of this sooner, but shoulda, coulda, woulda! We’re here now and as I was telling Ellie P, people really are rising up.
      Thanks for sharing this my love💋

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  2. Fabulous, creative minds, this is so impressive!
    Also what really got to me – sort of an aside, since not on topic of PPE – but when Cuomo announced that so many professionals answered his call for volunteers to man the phones, to help people with mental/emotional problems. As my bf and others have said, this is truly bringing out the best and worst in people.

    Loved this post, G!

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