Pandemic: The Winds of Change



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Lady G


A couple of days ago, I posted a ramble on how the threat of Coronavirus has changed the way we do things.

Think about it!

We shop differently.

We are much more vigilant about hand hygiene and seemingly minor coughs and such.

Students who are used to being in a brick and mortar school are now learning online.

More folks are working from home.

We’re holding teleconferences instead of physical meetings and conferences.

People are “seeing” doctors and mental health professionals via telemedicine.

Funeral homes are conducting funeral services differently.

Businesses are forced to become creative in order to shift their products and services to accommodate “social distancing.”

Now, if you had asked me about “social distancing” back in January, I would have looked at you like you were a damned fool!

Funny how this pandemic has FUNDAMENTALLY changed everything about what we do on a daily basis.

So….Methinks the winds of change are upon us!

Or to use another metaphor, allow me to ask:

Now that the “GENIE” is up out of the bottle, will we ever be able to coax it back in?

Do we need to?

Geez…I’ll be honest, I think that some of these things needed to change….PERMANENTLY!

Now, for the downside, I will say that I don’t think that it is good for us to remain homebound for too long.

However, in the words of that great physician, and infectious disease expert,  Dr. Anthony Fauci, “…(T)he virus makes the timeline…”

No doubt, he was referring to the timeline required for most communities to remain at home in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Nevertheless, I can’t help thinking about a domestic violence expert, I can’t remember her name, (Google it) lamenting the fact that people who are abused by a family member are now forced to be in close quarters with their abuser for an extended amount of time.

Picture it! The abuser and abused cramped together – tormented by the specter of  long-term unemployment—minus cash. NOT GOOD!

At any rate, as I mentioned in my ramble, some of our societal structures needed a major re-working.

Frankly, I am encouraged by the rise in ingenuity and goodwill that we’ve recently witnessed.  We’re seeing everyday folks sewing  make-shift PPE for health professionals and there are so many more wonderful examples of celebrities donating money to those in need.


Fewer cars on the road equals less pollution.

Oh, and what about crime?  Are we seeing any reductions there?

But then there are debates like “mitigation” vs “containment”

Clearly, a future full analysis of our actions will probably render a mixed bag of results.

What do you think?

Are we becoming too distant from one another?

Are we finding new ways to become closer?

What changes should remain permanent?

What would you like to see go back to the way it was before?

What are the inevitable long-term affects?

I’d love to get your take!

Hit me up in comments!

LadyG love YOU!




*Peace and love to all who have died.





17 thoughts on “Pandemic: The Winds of Change

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  5. I agree Cuz. The Genie is definitely out of the bottle. I see necessity becoming the mother of invention on whole new levels. Ingenuity is at its highest. As with all large scale crises, technology advances so much faster. WWI, WWII, and others saw inventions and other medical, technical, advances developed at a much higher rate than “peacetime”.

    I believe our society is in for some major changes but I can’t see enough of the picture to say in what ways. I don’t think our political landscape will change much, unless the Republican Party is unable to recover from its missteps.

    I remember 911 though. I told a friend that the camaraderie, cohesiveness, and cooperation would not last over a year and it didn’t. Soon we were back to the same old party politics as usual. If the Republican Party survives, we’ll right back to our accustomed divisiveness. At least for a while.

    As goes our political system, so goes society, in general.

    I know big political change is coming but I don’t think Ms Rona is the impetus for that change.

    I don’t think social distancing will last.

    I don’t think Ms Rona will positively effect our biggest social issue—our racial divisiveness.

    The only thing that will help that is the demographic shift that is underway—unfortunately.

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    1. Cuz…Your responses are always so on time and they are often much better and more insightful than the post itself!
      Everything you’ve said here is on the money. Since you are my cousin, I caught that comment about the shift in demographic…I FEEL you on that one. LOL!
      After a major disaster, we do tend to gather together for the short term, then we’re back to our old low-down ass tricks–you know what I mean.


      1. Yeah Cuz, not to be a pessimist but pessimistically speaking 😉—our issues and differences, as a country, run too deep for a simple PANDEMIC to change in a positive way.

        It amazes me to think that the infinitesimal genetic differences in humans can be the root of so much chaos. When I walk past a dog park, I see brown dogs, white dogs, spotted dogs—I even saw a pink pug once (I was sober too)—all playing together BECAUSE they all know that they’re dogs!

        But PEOPLE—who are arguably the most intelligent species on earth—cannot reach that most rational of conclusions. Hmmmmm

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        1. Ron I swear, this has got to teach some of these PEOPLE that the key words are, and always have been, MONEY and POWER and that is largely held by one segment of PEOPLE—-and that segment uses dummies to keep the shit like it is….even to the detriment of the dummies and the dummies either don’t see it or they don’t give a damn. Go figure!
          It is insane For PEOPLE to think that they are better or innately smarter because of color.
          The Rona might wake the dummies up to the hustle. LOL!!!

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  6. *Excellent* list just above, G! I would also like to single out religious leaders. I know that my mate’s pastor does online videos of prayers, sermons etc. (United faith – Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist. It’s a Canadian thing. 😉)

    A blues musician we know is a deacon at a Baptist church near us, and he’s been singing spirituals etc. on his Facebook page. Fantastic! Go here:

    Besides that – there’s an odd sort of camaraderie percolating under the surface of all these restrictions – you know? For instance, one evening last week, we all gathered to sing a song on our balconies – well we live sort of far apart but it was just *knowing* that we did it, y’know? It was spearheaded by Martha Wainwright (Rufus’s sister). Hopefully this embed will work: You can try pasting the code somewhere promising. 😉 Let me know whether it works or not.

    John & I are living peacefully – carefully and peacefully. What more can we ask for, huh? ❤ ❤

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    1. Ellie, your life sounds so delightful right now- especially under the circumstances that we find ourselves in these days. You guys sound like you’re made for each other 🙂
      And I love those balcony concerts. Too cool!

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  7. Special thanks to all of the essential folks who are working hard to make it easier for the rest of us! I’m talking about folks who work in grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, hardware stores, truck drivers, fulfillment center workers, shipping, receiving and delivery services. Not to mention technical support professionals, caregivers, cleaning professionals, sanitation workers, bank employees, law enforcement and those in the military.
    We are forever grateful to doctors, nurses, clinical technicians, first responders and all medical professionals and staff.
    Please feel free to list other professionals that are not listed. They are definitely NOT forgotten.

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