Coronavirus Ramble/ Rant: You Can’t Find Nothing!



**Contains adult language; not excessive though**

I misspoke, I meant to say that brown eggs are closer to natural….

I guess 😂 !

If you’re wondering what that means, listen to me ramble/rant about not being able to find a damn thang in the stores!

LadyG just having a little fun to brighten up the days!

Love you!

Run time:  About 10 mins


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17 thoughts on “Coronavirus Ramble/ Rant: You Can’t Find Nothing!

  1. This true. Thanks for presenting it in a lighthearted manner. Speaking to the empty shelves in big grocery people have identified the stock delivery dates and times and told everyone and their kin. So when the truck delivers the “tp”, water, eggs, bread, Lysol, they’re waiting. Stock crews aren’t even having to stock the shelves. When they bring the pallets out from the back the folks are taking it off the pallets.

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        1. Hey Cousin! Just finished listening to your audio. Here in little Cuthbert, finding most things is not impossible but it is challenging. Initially, when the pandemic news first started getting out, there was a run on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Lysol, bleach, etc. but food and drink levels held steady.

          I still haven’t been able to catch the hand sanitizer but I have plenty of bleach. Lysol is still kinda hard to find tho.

          I’ve been a pretty strict “shelter in placer”. I go out about once a week and restrict that outing to one store. I live by myself so, I don’t require much. I keep my air fryer and microwave pretty busy. I stock up on microwave pizza, hot dogs, ham slices, bread, milk, cereal and anything that cooks in the air fryer, and drinks.

          I drive an F150 but I haven’t had to put gas in for 4 weeks LOL!

          I bought grits and eggs (the white ones 🙂 ) but forgot meat. I do have some bologna so I can fry summa that up. 😂 fr tho.

          I enjoyed listening to your charming soliloquy, as always. I didn’t realize I’d been smiling the whole time until my jaws got tired.

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        2. So you a white egg man? LOL!!! I guess it’s what we’re used to. And I laughed about gas. I’ve had the same amount of gas for awhile now.
          As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using instacart so I don’t have to go out. Only problem is all the texting back and forth you have to do when the grocery store doesn’t have an item you’re asking for 😩
          Otherwise it works pretty well. I just tel them to drop my stuff off at the door👍🏽

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  2. I wrote this as I listened lol…you are a mess! All the healthy foods are available girl! Ya’ll don’t want these organic brown eggs, so we’ve been good with the eggs. I did read a message from one of the Publix supervisors. He said if everyone would just wait ONE week and not shop, then supply could catch up.

    LOL about the sandwiches with a beer and you falling in the lake! I’m with you. I don’t wanna see how the sausage is made…let me see it post-catching and w/o the head!

    Your father sewing you a dress is pretty cool ❤

    So, yeah…my husband is looking for some clippers for obvious reason…can't find NONE, nowhere.

    Whenever I see empty shelves, I blame it on a population I call, "The Savages." As in…the savages must've taken all ground beef…oh that reminds me. One time I had to ask the butcher at Publix to ground me up a steak because they didn't have any ground beef left. This situation is a whole mess.

    And now Smithfield is closed??? Dwight went out and stocked up on bacon for me because he was like, ummm you may not be able to get any after this…now I'm "the savage" one LOL

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    1. GIRL!!!!! It’s times like these that I THANK GOD THAT I AM NATURAL! LOL.. Poor Dwight! My son been shaving all his hair off to save money for years. Now you saying the people can’t find clippers? Well damn! See that’s what I’m talking about. LOL!
      No bacon….oh hell, I gotta get in my car and go to the store right now! LOL!
      I think you hit the nail on the head, “The Savages” out there getting EV-EVR-Y-THING!
      I try to shop just once a week, but honey everybody else is out there buying up all they can find. LOL!!!

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