Coronavirus ramble: Tips, revelations and advice for the collective


  • Reaching out for help
  • Imagination and daydreaming
  • Global interdependence
  • Concern for the collective: (Hint:  It’s NOT us and them!)

I’m talkin’ ’bout ALL dat!

Oh yeah, please forgive that spot where I literally begin to stammer! I got distracted by Angel, my little doggie.

Chile ain’t nobody got time to be editing out everything; just disregard that and focus on the message. Thank you!

May contain adult language and situations 🙂

Run time:  Less than 15 minutes

LadyG loves YOU!


2 thoughts on “Coronavirus ramble: Tips, revelations and advice for the collective

  1. Very inspiring advice. I agree with it all.

    “Admiting” resonated with me because it is the essence of Faith.

    Many ‘leave it in the hands of the Lord’ in speech but are frearful right now. They never had faith at all.

    I am immersed in the spirit of faith and am grateful that the Lord has relieved the weight from my shoulders.

    “Resting ya mind” also rung a bell.

    I meditate everyday and ground after jogging 3+ times a week. …a 30+ year practice

    Surrending and Quieting work hand-in-hand. We must surrender to stop the chatter in the mind. The chatter is usually based on worry and fear above the future or past.

    Surrender & Tranquility takes us the a higher vibration where all possibilities exist….all good things because it’s above the Frey.

    …called the land of Pure Potentiality.

    Kevy Michaels

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