Find Your Unique Way To Help!

Dear Friends,

If you, like me, are watching current events in the United States with feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and the like, why don’t you consider reaching down into your personal “toolbox” to find your own unique way to help.

If you are unsure of where to start, look no further as I have culled together (below) some specific areas in the African American community that need YOUR immediate attention, talent, skills, knowledge and abilities.

This list is, by no means, the end all, be all.

However it does include areas that I, as a black woman, consider to be high-priority.

In essence, my goal here is to point you to the issue so that you can further research them and find your way to help!

And so…..

Family, Mothers and Fathers, please teach your children to be courageously kind and compassionate.

Teach them to value all human life! Not just certain ones.

Professionals, Scholars and Students of Law, Medicine, Education, and Journalism, please lend your knowledge!

We need your help!

Writers, Researchers, Photographers, Video Journalists, Counselors, Coaches, Social Workers, Marketers, Salespeople, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Computer and Technology experts, please lend your skills and abilities.

We need your help!

If you have extra money to spare, but are unable be more active, then give money to those who can be more active.

We need your help!

To my international readers, if America chooses NOT to change systemic racism, please consider helping us find a new place to live a better life!

We need your help too!

Everyone, I implore you, please find your own unique and productive way to help your brother.

Links to Specific Areas that Require Concentrated Assistance for African Americans:

Disparities in Health Outcomes and Access to Care

Source : Kaiser Family Foundation

Statistics on Violence

Source: Healthy People 2020

High Maternity Mortality

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Maternity mortality in black women

Even economic background can’t seem to help us overcome the stress of being black in America. A must read!

Source: Harvard University School of Public Health

Disparities in Education

Source:  United Negro College Fund

Contrary to popular belief, all black children do NOT automatically get United Negro College Fund Scholarships! These funds are tied to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. For more info click here!

Food Justice

Black Farming Leah Penniman Soul Fire Farm

Source: University of Vermont

Environmental Racism

Source: NYU School of Law

Black Health and Black Wealth

Pages 15-16 are very telling regarding wealth

Source: U.S. Congressional Black Caucus

Black Codes

This explains how blacks were jailed for bogus “crimes” like vagrancy in order to be used for free labor in prison camps. This is the beginnings of over-representation of African Americans in the prison system.

Source: Equal Justice Initiative

From Slavery to Mass Incarceration

Source: Ben and Jerry’s (Of all people, LOL!!)

I’ve just put my own M.Ed. and B.S. degree to use in order to find my way to help!

LadyG loves YOU! I DO!

Now get out there and help!

7 thoughts on “Find Your Unique Way To Help!

  1. Re “To my international readers, if America chooses NOT to change systemic racism, please consider helping us find a new place to live a better life!” – COME HERE to CANADA. Okay, not perfect, but a lot better. Well, just IMHO. I dunno, G. 😢 I don’t know the answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOLOLOL!!! Now THAT”S what I am talking about! THANK YOU!
      Seriously, Ellie, Black people won’t survive another 4 years of Trump and/or his ilk.
      We’ll need asylum as refugees.
      Maybe Trudeau will be open to it 🙂
      I hope so because the “powers that be” are continuing with voter suppression tactics all over the U.S–including my state of Georgia which is rife with racist fuckery (See Ahmaud Arbery.)
      Right NOW voting precincts are claiming to have technical issues in mostly Black/Brown areas.
      People were so worn out in Georgia that they just left instead of voting.
      It’s bananas!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😰😰😰
        Well I’m very sure our country would welcome all you wonderful, decent, kind and brilliant people! I do hope it doesn’t come to that for your sake, though, cuz who the heck wants to leave the country of their birth… well, we’d sure understand if you do! I wish i was religious so then i’d pray *really* hard for the idiot orange monster not to cheat-“win” another term for himself and his evil minions.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thanks Cuz! I meant to ask you about “THE BROWN Report”
      My thing is this, if you really want to help, go to these spots and get in where you fit in.
      If you read the article from Harvard about black maternal mortality, it will make you cry.

      Liked by 1 person

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