I See YOU!

THANK YOU! Holler if you HEAR ME!

Lady G is doing a global Roll Call of THANKS TODAY!

Just scroll down after you read this:

I can’t fully express how touched I am to see the whole world–people of every race and ethnicity, standing with black folks in the U.S. as we seek justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and for the permanent dismantling of systemic racism in our society.

Flat out! We NEED your help to do it!

Please stay with us!


If your country is actively involved in George Floyd protests, and I didn’t call you, please holler at me in comments; tell me what you all are doing over there!

I don’t want to miss anybody!

Either way, I’d love to hear from you in comments!


3 thoughts on “I See YOU!

  1. And Japan! Did you see them on TV?? Wow. Wow Wow, I can only imagine how it must feel to Blacks to see this and hear about this support!! YES we’re all on your side, G!!!!!
    I feel now the way I – a Jew – felt when I first heard about the Holocaust. I swear still now after seeing films and documentaries about it, I can’t move or get up for all the crying! That’s me now, even though Black suffering isn’t really new to my brain but it’s new viscerally somehow. Y’know? I mean, it’s like everyone is screaming at the same time: E N O U G H!!!!!!!!!
    And btw LOCK HIM UP, ya know who I mean, the orange monster who has enabled and emboldened all this!!

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    1. YAAAY Japan!
      It really is so good to see everybody around the globe supporting us! WE LOVE YOU FOR IT!
      And, The Holocaust, is another example of the worst parts of humanity–an atrocity that was left unchecked by “good people” who did NOTHING for waaaaaay too long.

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Lady G appreciates your comments ! 💋💋

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