Rambling Musical Commentary: Flat Feet on da Ground!

I bought you a “brand new Mustang” and now you wanna play me?

I don’t think so!

LadyG talks about jams from 1966-1967.

Some Adult Language

My Jams 1966-67


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7 thoughts on “Rambling Musical Commentary: Flat Feet on da Ground!

  1. …I don’t want to defend the children’s music, but I will say this. I’ve noticed that a lot of them are HIGH and DEPRESSED, kind of like a lot of them in the real world. I honestly think art is imitating life, just like our rap music was about specific things that some of us experienced, so is theirs, unfortunately girl.

    I listened to a song where the little boy said he’d rather commit suicide than be with the girl! Can you imagine even thinking, writing, or singing that??? Anywho…I love these ❤

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    1. GURL!
      What in the entire hell kinda mess is THAT? I mean, how depressed you gotta be to even formulate that thought?
      We really need to step up and check on these babies. It’s crazy!
      Oh, I’m so glad you enjoy these. I get to be an old school DJ every week 😂😂

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