Rambling Musical Commentary: She Didn’t Bat an Eye!

Love is complicated as HELL! Today, Lady G discusses her favorite soul jams from 1968.

My Jams 68

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12 thoughts on “Rambling Musical Commentary: She Didn’t Bat an Eye!

  1. Girl, they ain’t talking about love today. They are talking about BUMPING and GRINDING (in my Nina from Love Jones voice) LOL

    …and they ain’t thinking about nothing twice, either. They talking about getting witcho girlfriend, mama, and them. I heard one song where the lil boy said he was gone boink the dude’s grandma :-/

    I miss the storytelling part too, but with regards to rap music ❤

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  2. I had a friend who considered himself the player of all players. BUT, he was a married “player”. Had a GOOD wife from what I could tell but he didn’t trust her no farther than he could through her! 😂 AS A MATTER OF FACT, he didn’t trust ANY woman—figured they were all cheaters.

    I imagine the cause of his consternation was this refrain, “WHO’s MAKIN’ LOVE TO YO OLD LADY, WHILE YOU WAS OUT MAKIN’ LOVE?


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    1. That is the best case of projection that I’ve read in a long time! LOL!!!
      Cheaters always think people are cheating on them!
      I guess ol’ Johnnie rented some space in his dome! LOL!!!!

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