A Family Conversation: The Curious Transformation of a Weed into a Flower

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.


Love is a flower, from that a bud
To spread its sunshine and make us love
Beautiful colors shinin' though
Bless you, brother, God is watching you

Think it over 
Life ain't a four leaf clover 

Think it over 
Life ain't a four leaf clover

From:  "Flowers" Performed by The Emotions.  Songwriters: Anthony James Bowers / et. al.


This week, the cousins discuss Ron’s post Z.O. My Hero.

During this discussion Ron shares about a time when one of his students taught him a very inspiring lesson.

We also discuss Ron’s teaching experience and suggestions for helping the next generation of students blossom into beautiful flowers.

We also talk about his “strange affliction” and whether or not he recovered.


Toni Morrison on The White Gaze

The ACLU Racial Justice Program challenging segregation in public school districts.

Pt. 1: New Generation Perspective & Energy/Revelation via “Punishment”/Low Health Literacy/Due Diligence /Underfunded and Inadequate Schools

Pt 2:  Knowing the Student/Wuthering Heights and Caged Birds are a No Go/Eurocentric/Toni’s White Gaze/Better than and Less than

Pt 3: School Boards should know and care about Education/Hire Local/De Facto Segregation via Charter Schools/No blinders and No music/The Ho Spot/Adapt to them


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5 thoughts on “A Family Conversation: The Curious Transformation of a Weed into a Flower

  1. PART I: As a former HS teacher, I also learned the importance of having students write and listening to those voices. A lot of times, students, youth, young people are just waiting for some adult to ask them how are you? What are you thinking? What bothers you? So, I appreciate you reading this young lady’s thoughts Ron.

    On a separate note, it’s interesting that she wrote about her diabetes diagnosis. I just read something about youth and diabetes and how it’s stereotyped in the media and it makes people seem as if they’re lazy, as opposed to having a real, valid disease. Her piece really shows part of this, right? Her whole life changed!

    Health literacy: Yes Lady G! Throw the whole education system away. Start over and include health literacy, financial literacy, American history beginning from kindergarten with Africans, etc., etc., etc.

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    1. Your comment, as an educator and as the holder of a Doctoral degree, is soooo appreciated!!!
      I just feel that something has really got to change so that we can do better for our children; we’re going to be in a real fix if we don’t invest in them by looking forward and not by doing things the way that we always have 🙂

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