The Time Is Nigh!

Last night I dreamed of a city where man practiced brotherhood;

Where all men treated each other right, by doing that which is good;

Where peace, justice, and love like a river did flow.

And smiles, happiness and joy, on every face did show.

Alas, I awoke from my slumber to find there was still misery and strife.

So, I cried aloud to my Watchman and asked, what is the hour of the night?

From What Time Is It? Courtesy of The Time Tunnel

Written by: Fletcher L. Brown aka “Pro” (ca. 1974)


Clearly, we can no longer rely on “the Watchman!”

This is not the time to fall back asleep or indulge in flights of fancy about some prior or coming age…

The time for awakening is nigh…


WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There’s something happening here

What it is ain’t exactly clear

Stop, hey, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down

Stop, now, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down

Stop, children, what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s going down

For What It’s Worth, Performed by Buffalo Springfield

Songwriters: Stephen Stills lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Royalty Network, Warner Chappell Music Inc.


Billions to Trump Lobbyists

The REAL Looters

Relief for Americans Ending


And there’s more where that came from.

Please folks, don’t get distracted!

Look at your situation!

Are YOU winning?

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “The Time Is Nigh!

  1. Anonymous

    Great piece! Now that we are awake, what is the call to action? How can we put some of this “woke” energy into making change? Inquiring minds would like to ask you, and maybe the Watchman:).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️🙏🏽My friend! Great question and I know that many will be called to take the action that most resonates with them.
      If they’re legitimately winning, then they should bypass my message , if they’re not winning and they want to be, maybe they should ask themselves why not.
      But before any of us do that, we must first wake up and look at what’s going on and in the words of my bestie, “govern ourselves accordingly🙏🏽” BTW, you need to know her, she’s THE SHIT!
      So glad you stopped by, be sure to sit a spell😂


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