13 thoughts on “Love Notes From Lady G: Go With the Flow

    1. MY FRIEND! How are you, love? Good to see you here!
      Roger, I think we’re all kinda floundering, that’s why I’ve motivated myself to write these. I think Michelle Obama labeled this feeling best; she called it a “low grade” depression. Not full on, just a bit low. No wonder, look at what’s happening these days. Eeek! LOL!
      My best to you and the Mrs.♥️😘🌹

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      1. Thanks Gwin for the wishes…passed on down the line😃❤️.
        Yeah, these are testing times, and Michelle’s ‘low grad’ is a very apt label.
        I’ve been pestered by anxiety/depression since….ah who knows when. These days though I’ more attune to the swings of emotion: So if it’s the anxiety kick I’m saying to myself ‘Careful now kiddo. Keep cool’ and if it’s the ‘depression cloud’ it’s ‘Ah (bad word) you. Get out of my life’ and I try to ride them out by saying ‘good things’ can’t say it works every time, but, it’s a plan.
        And I’ve got my volume III of the Fantasy Saga which the three girls insisted is how things actually happened and ‘you get it finished fellah’.
        You and yours take care now and keep up the good work with your blog Gwin 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞

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        1. I love that you know yourself so well and that you have “your girls” on earth AND “your girls”in the Saga to keep you inspired to get things done! I really love that!❤️🙏🏽

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