Music: Zoser Give’s Something Old and Something New

Zoser performing at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Hello my loves! It’s LadyG, here to present you with music from Seattle artist, Zoser!

Today, I give you Zoser’s rendition of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” and one of his latest releases entitled “Ain’t Basic.”

For the ATLiens in the house, note that in “Ain’t Basic,” Zoser refers to eating sushi since he was a little kid.

Well, as one of his “aunties,” I can confirm that he’s probably referring to Ru Sans near Piedmont park.

That was one of his Mama’s sushi spots back in the day!

For those of you who don’t know, his mother is “The Other LadyG.”


Please listen and comment to let me know what you think. I am particularly interested in your thoughts about his version of the old school jam!

Or, you can hit him up at Zoserofficial to let him know what you think!


Zo in Seattle. I believe he is overlooking the Puget Sound
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

4 thoughts on “Music: Zoser Give’s Something Old and Something New

    1. YAAAAY! “Basic” is one of his originals! I love that one, but he has a lot of others that I love too. Thanks for checking him out and commenting.
      Hey, I posted about why I selected Montessori for my son. Since you are a University level educator I would LOVE to get your take on it. It’s the post prior to this one.
      Check it out whenever you have time- chile I know how it is.

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