A Family Conversation: The Cousins Discuss the Pandemic Part 2: Don’t Panic…The Stock Market

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.


In today’s conversation, we use my post “Pandemic: The Winds of Change” as a conversation starter on who’s making money during this time (and prior) as well as who is NOT…and hasn’t been for a LONG time.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The importance of NOT “panicking”….. the stock market
  • How a pandemic is fruitful for a select few
  • Crazy logic when it comes to holding Trump accountable
  • The fact that most of us are “fans” on the sidelines
  • Reaganomics and how it stunted our growth
  • Benefits for American workers vs. workers in other countries
    • In the audio, I meant to say that you must be laid off and actively seeking a job… not fired
  • Our refusal to be guinea pigs for a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine
  • The Scientific Method/Listening to Scientists
  • Normal + Coronavirus = ?

Tune back in next Wednesday for Part 3

References from the audio

In this video, an American expat shares her experiences moving from the U.S. to Europe (including key differences): Life in Sweden/ Germany

In this link, pay attention to Table 15 (Wealth Inequity -Concentration of wealth in the U. S. between 1983-2007). Important statistics from Stanford Center of Poverty and Inequality

This article explores financial actions of U.S. Senators after January briefings on Coronavirus