An Excerpt From My New Untitled Project: “The Client”

The following is an excerpt from a new project that I am working on. I would love to hear your thoughts. Bear in mind that this is simply an excerpt ♥️


And trust me, if I do this for you, one of y’all will end up DEAD.

Honey, you need to rethink that.

Do you know what you’re asking?

Well let me be clear.

You never want to bind a man to you.

Especially if he done told you he don’t want you.

Now I know you came to me because you heard about my work.

But let me tell you chile, there are some things I’ll never do!

And that includes binding spells.


Because they’re fatal.

You ain’t really thought about the consequences that come when you bind somebody to you against their will…have you?

Naw, you ain’t thought about it at all.

You still a baby.

You just want what you want.

But how you gon’ feel when you find yourself all bound up with a man that’s full of hate and anger?

Furious, because he can’t stand you or the situation!

He don’t wanna be there– but you fixed it so he can’t leave…and, to make matters worse, he don’t know why!

Naw honey, I can’t do that kinda work.

I really can’t …

Because if he kill you in anger, I’ll never get over it.

And trust me, if I do this for you, one of y’all will end up DEAD.


Go somewhere and rest your mind.

Think about what you really want.

There’s a-plenty things you can ask for that I’ll be more than willing to help you with.

But right now, you’re not in your right mind.

-Written by Lady G.

22 thoughts on “An Excerpt From My New Untitled Project: “The Client”

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      1. Thank you sis I must’ve missed it I’ll go back and check I tried to respond to people as I suppose we’re coming along and he’s doing better than I could’ve expected it’s still rough but we’re in a better place both of us

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  5. On a related/non-related topic, my hair stylist told me about how her ex put a root on her so that she’d never be pretty enough to attract anyone else. Said she had acne for decades…just now figured out how to get rid of it (and the spell).

    Anywho, I’d read it 😉

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  6. OMG! My bf and I watch a fantastic series on HBO called “Lovecraft Country.” It’s a mix of horror/fantasy/thriller/magic/surrealism… There are hardly any Whites in it; almost all Blacks. Last ep. mostly Koreans. It goes across time periods. It is rich, and – It is AMAZING. Now what you’ve written up there? Sounds almost like one of the scripts from that show!!!!! I swear!!!! If you get a chance, watch episode 6. And flesh out the above – send it on spec to the makers of this show!!!
    You are very very talented, G. xoxox

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    1. Awww! Ellie this makes my day! I have heard about this show but have not watched it.
      I would love to write for a show like that but I wouldn’t know where to begin.
      I wrote this piece for a project that I’m thinking will be several short stories about this character that I’ve dreamed up.
      I’m hoping to compile them into a book… maybe? LOL! Love, love, love you Ellie!

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