Halloween Edition of A Family Conversation: More Ghosts, Witches, Magick, Negative Entities, Remote Sensing, & “The Client”(Part IV)

A Family Conversation, an ongoing conversation between blogging cousins, Ron Brown and Lady G, is celebrating the time of year when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes paper thin. This is the final edition for Halloween 2020


The cousins continue their supernatural conversation with real ghost stories prompted by LadyG’s post “The Client.”

Although you can easily follow along with each of these posts independently, it would be better to check out parts I , II  & III of this series beforehand.

Today’s audio completes this series. But, alas, there is always Halloween 2021. LOL!

And so…

Listen in as we talk about:

  • A settle to score? Naw girl….A score to settle
  • How we all become “a good person” when we die–no matter what we did in life
  • The fact that even a Scientist doesn’t want to  sleep in a haunted house
  • How LadyG was imprinted by “Bewitched”
  • The witches who are hexing Trump.
    • But then…What’s his magick?
  • Needing to control your mind or someone else will
  • Negative energy or entities stimulating negative emotions and thoughts
  • Ron out’chea “practicing magick”
  • The Remote Sensing Program
  • Waves in space and what ETs think about us?
    • Why is LadyG talking about distant Saturn? There’s probably no way that any wave of any sort has reached as far as Saturn from Earth. Geez!
  • Putting your work out there and realizing that people will love it or hate it
  • Encouraging and motivating each other to finish creative projects
  • Centenarians Uncle Ben, Our Grandma and the Deacon (Yes ,we got sidetracked!)
  • Uncle AJ’s rhetorical question

Then Ron brings us back! LOL!

Anyway, we enjoyed bringing this to you and we hope you enjoyed it! Let us know in comments.

Happy Halloween!

-Love and light always,


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2 thoughts on “Halloween Edition of A Family Conversation: More Ghosts, Witches, Magick, Negative Entities, Remote Sensing, & “The Client”(Part IV)

  1. I would love to come hang out with you guys, fascinating converstion!! We had a guy stumble into our cul-de-sac with one summer, with only his underwear on, and boots and slathered in NIVEA cream – yelling N-I-V-E-A. I asked him why he had Nivea on and he said it was to protect himself from the evil energies – who knew. Maybe he was onto something!

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