Preparing For The “Shift”

December 21, 2020 is slated to usher in a positive shift in consciousness–and Jesus knows I am ready for THAT!

Are you?

In this video (*audio version only below*), I talk about “the shift” and discuss more about how I am planning to prepare for it.

Expect some rambling, but that’s what I do.

To see a larger version, simply click on channel icon in the top left corner

Audio only:

12 thoughts on “Preparing For The “Shift”

  1. 2020 not only took the cake, it took the table and the countertop the cake was sitting on. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 I’ve been in the soul-stance of “shifting reality” for awhile now. I’m proud of you for this fast. I moved away from the News moons ago. Lately, I’ll break away from sugar for awhile, I’m outdoors more and like you I’ve prioritized reading these books I’ve purchased as well. The garden is beautiful. Tell Pops and Ron I said hello. Continue to do well. Your voice is always healing. Peace and safety to you and yours. I love you! 💕

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    1. Thank you Sis! I’ve been fasting for 23 hours daily. I’ve also been reflecting and thinking about what I want for myself. Time ain’t as long as it used to be when I was young. Whatever I’m gon’ do, I got to get moving on it🌹Always so good to see you here. I pray that you are better than ever! You know I love you. I will definitely tell Ron and Dad hello! Kisses and hugs from me to you and yours💋💋💋💋

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  2. Love to hear you just talking about ‘things’ Gwin, straight talking and some pearls from The South.
    I’ve don’t watch or listen to the media much these days just gets me so annoyed, prefer to read it on the net where I can control the ‘input’.
    Best wishes for your cooking and that garden looks lovely.

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    1. Awww… thanks Roger. I love hearing from you. 🌹🌹
      BTW, we mentioned your comment on Ron’s poem “Shattered,” in our recent “A Family Conversation “ post. Thanks for supporting us, my friend. 🙏🏽


      1. My pleasure Gwin.
        Sorry I missed out on that conversation. I’ve been a bit wayward of late on WP.
        While waiting on my book cover I returned to the previous volumes to tighten them up a bit and got having too much fun there.
        Trelli gives an account of it on my last post; it’s only right and proper that the characters have their say.
        Now let’s try and find that conversation between you and Ron
        You take care now 🌺🌻🌼🌷

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        1. I am very fond of all three.
          Trelli was thrown in at the deep end with two folk who mean well but are not easy to get on with and a power which can knock houses down and she still manages to keep focussed.
          When you think she is mostly untrained she’s probably the gutsiest of the three.
          She really has a ‘moment’ in Vol III where she gets captured by the criminal outfit who try to rein her in. She gets the better of them and has a ‘Now guys this is how it is gonna be’ speech. And the kingpin leader is in respectful awe of her.

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        2. I just read her commentary. Loved it.
          All of the ladies are awesome—-But there’s something about Trelli. Maybe she’s somehow related to the House of Mathilda!😂😂😂🌹

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  3. I’m doing a 2020 in review on the blog at some point. I was also told my life is supposed to shift 12/23…so we’ll see. I’m ready for something different, in general. And lol about the sweet tea. I had never heard of it until I moved to the south lol and some ya’ll wrong for all this sugar lol

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