The Great Conjunction 2020

Photo taken by LadyG

Yes honey, I had to make sure to see it!

Me, Daddy and my son went out of our way to find an unobstructed view of this “once in a lifetime” phenomenon!

Don’t fret!

There’s still time in the U.S. for those of you with a clear view of the Southwestern sky. Go see it!

They say it won’t be this close again for an eternity.

My father is 75, so I wanted to make sure that he saw it!

I’m just so grateful that 3 generations saw it together!


His wonders to behold!

LadyG loves you!

PS. I’m not even going to mention the fact that this is occurring in the “air” sign of Aquarius on the Winter Soltice! There’s all kinds of magick up in that! LOL!

9 thoughts on “The Great Conjunction 2020

  1. Beautiful pic, G!! What luck, huh? Here not so lucky – it was cloudy, plus we don’t have a clear southwest view. Oh well, in our next life, eh? 😃

    Merry Christmas to you and all your loved people!!! And may 2021 be a WHOLE LOT BETTER!! 😘💝🌲

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  2. Great photo Gwin.
    Glad you guys managed to see it, all three generations together.
    Here in my patch of the UK whenever there is one of these events it’s either cloudy, foggy or raining…It’s Britain in December, it would be.
    Hope you and yours are OK
    Peace and blessings
    Roger & Sheila.

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    1. Thank you a Roger. It was a blessing!
      My best friend lives in Seattle and they got rain and sleet so she missed it. Basically, if it doesn’t happen in mid to late summer she won’t be able to see it.
      I do wish I had a better camera but I’m blessed that we saw what we could.
      Merry Christmas to you, Mrs Sheila and your entire family! Love, Gwin

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