Happy 2021 From My Southern Kitchen!

Watch how I spent most of the time in my Southern kitchen on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, I prepared shrimp cocktail with a herbed dip, deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, and my daughter made some “gourmet style” brownies. My son prepared a huge “philly style” cheese steak and my Dad shucked a couple of oysters for us to enjoy on the half shell.

On New Year’s Day, you already know I got my greens for the money and my black-eyed peas for the luck! I added in some pigtails and flap jacks to make it sho ’nuff Southern! LOL! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Happy 2021 From My Southern Kitchen!

  1. The food looks yummy, but you know what I envy most of all? That you had your kids with you!! My son is in NYC. And my daughter lives across the city and doesn’t want to risk getting together. Sob, sniff. BUT thank goodness I have my honey here, though! Whew! Happy New Year, G!! 😍💝🥳🍾

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    1. Family is the most important thing, so I know I’d feel just like you do if I were in your shoes. But, as you said, you’ve got your honey!❤️❤️❤️❤️I am just tickled pink to know how happy you are💋 Hapoy New Year!!!!🧚🏿‍♂️🧚🏿‍♂️

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    1. Thank you Roger! Sorry for the delay. I wish all the best 100 fold for you, Mrs. Sheila , your children and grandchildren!
      I adore you guys even though I’ve never met you. You feel like extended family.
      Hey, maybe you are, our DNA ancestry continues to become more clear and it looks like about 25% can be traced to your beloved “Isles”.
      Lady G, House of Mathilda! Dear friend of Trelli !😂😂😉🧚🏿‍♂️🌹

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