A Family Conversation: THREE Cousins Discuss Family Traditions, Beliefs and Superstitions

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.


Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first “A Family Conversation” audio post of 2021.

This post is extra special because one of our other cousins is joining our conversation.

It took some doing to get her to join us so we were very happy that she agreed to round out the chat!

Now… join us as we use my post, Your New Year’s “To Do” List, to talk about:

  • How Ron jinxed Creek 
  • Some very superstitious people
  • Messin’ with folks’ luck
  • Every Southern Mom
  • How “doing” is just as important as “not doing”
  • Dragging trees
  • General sorry-ness
  • How “old” is NOT really “old”
  • Technicalities and clarifications on dirty clothes
  • Our major loss, “The Bon Vivant.”
  • Roy Clark
  • Pepto Bismol and where we got the gift of storytelling

Rest in Peace Uncle Leroy!

3 thoughts on “A Family Conversation: THREE Cousins Discuss Family Traditions, Beliefs and Superstitions

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  2. Thanks for inviting me into your conversation, if I hadn’t just had my ‘tea’ (the British tradition of stopping between 4pm and 5pm for tea and biscuits or cake) I would have made a fresh ‘cuppa’ as it sounded like just the right thing to do.
    Yeah, when to bring the decorations down as per Catholic ‘timing’. I always ask Sheila which day we should bring them down.
    Will be catching up on the other conversations soon Gwin.
    You guys take care.
    Sheila and Roger


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