How To Stop Unsolicited Mail and Other Junk As Told By A Sentimental Paper Hoarder Who Is Afraid of Identity Theft

Recently, I talked about dealing with vast amounts of mail and papers that I’ve kept over the years.

Admittedly, I’m one of those folks who fear throwing away anything because “we might need it later.”

History and time has shown that I hardly EVER need it later.


Hell, even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to find it due to the sheer volume of papers and mail that I had stashed since time immemorial.

So, this year, I decided that it is time to get rid of what I NEVER seem to need.

Ah, but then there’s stuff related to my children…you know what I’m talking about…things like:

Finger prints imprinted on a post card

Stick people drawings

Schoolwork and journals

Field trip permission slips–yeah I kept those too!

Hell, I even kept appointment cards from my pregnancies in the 1990’s and mid 2000’s; not to mention papers from undergrad and grad school.

Chile…when you add “paper hoarder” to “paranoid sentimental creature,” you get ONE HOT ASS MESS!

And so…

I found myself, during the first weeks of January 2021, locating, trashing and shredding all of the mail and papers that I had so cleverly hidden away.

Being the mistress of illusion that I am, my closet “looked” orderly, but if you were to open one of the many large plastic bins, you would have found oodles and oodles of mail, and other papers.

Some of it was junk and I knew it, so I left it unopened and stowed it.

Some of it was mail that I had already dealt with online, so I left it unopened and stowed it.


Because it had my name and address on it and I didn’t want to trash it lest someone steal my identity, open up a line of credit and purchase the whole entire world!

And that’s how I got HERE!


In order to change my ways, I’ve decided that I need to stop some of that craziness before it enters my door.

So, I found this nifty link that leads to the Federal Trade Commission where you can sign up to stop unsolicited mail, e-mails and other stuff from coming your way.

This is my gift to folks like me who “might need it later,” or who worry about identity theft.

There ain’t a damn thang to help a sentimental Mama know what to keep and what to throw away when it comes to her babies.

But I digress!


I apologize to my followers outside of the U.S.

Is junk mail even an thing in other countries?

Comment below!

Anyway, I’m about the follow the link so I can get my life!


14 thoughts on “How To Stop Unsolicited Mail and Other Junk As Told By A Sentimental Paper Hoarder Who Is Afraid of Identity Theft

  1. Once or twice a week my trusty shredder goes into action , anything with either of other names and addresses goes into the mix along with old shopping lists and discarded envelopes, then I stir the whole mess and cackle:
    ‘Find an identity in that lot ‘sunshine’* !

    *A term we use in the UK when we really don’t like the person but feel the need to avoid profanities.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ve developed the perfect maintenance plan! I think I might steal your idea; a little at a time is a lot better than a ton at once.
      And “sunshine”—hilarious! I might steal that one too! LOL!! You and the Mrs have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Is junk mail a thing in other countries?” Are you serious, girl? To borrow your phrase, it’s ONE HOT ASS MESS! – what comes here, plus what I keep! You talk about kid mementos, omg omg. I just canNOT get rid of them, they’re remnants of a precious past! They’re stored in a huge filing cabinet I have here. Sigh…

    How’re you doin’? We’re good, thank heaven we have each other!!!!!!!!!!
    No shots yet. Pfizer needs to send us more, also Moderna! So we stay in a lot!!!!!
    Ttyl! xoxoxoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!!!!!! I really thought it was possible that you all didn’t have to deal with junk mail!
      Of course the kid’s stuff is probably universal for most mamas! LOL! As you said, they are very precious!
      We are doing as well as can be expected given the political climate–though President Biden is doing his best to bring some normalcy. I sooooooo appreciate not waking up to a dumpster fire as dictated from Twitter.
      Glad to know that you all are doing well. Fortunately, I was able to get the first dose of Moderna because I fall into the first phase.
      I had no problems. For me, it was the same as getting a typical flu shot. I get my next one in about a two weeks.
      Stay safe my friend!

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  3. Annie Scott

    I am so thankful for this post. I am not the only one. I wasn’t afraid of ID theft but just afraid I would throw something away that I might need later. As of today I am going to start purging paper and old bills. Clear out some of the Rubbermaid containers and maybe then I won’t need to buy a new utility house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      Cuz! I had no idea! I guess it runs in the family.
      Yes, take charge, save your money so you can do something more fun than buying a new utility house 😂😂😂


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