Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history —Morgan Freeman

You can’t extract the history of Blacks from the history of America; it is one and the same.

I am inclined to agree with Mr. Freeman–Black History is American History and should be included, in a substantive way, in our national educational curriculum, as well as the broader cultural lexicon.

According to DNA ancestry, my Black ancestors have been here for just as long as some of my White ancestors and even longer than others (Irish).

Clearly, black history has suffered in isolation for long enough. It’s time to bring it out and give it the honor and respect that it deserves.

Here’s a fascinating and very necessary project from The Atlantic that seeks to fill in the blanks of lost Black history in America.

Here’s a link for more great quotes related to Black History

5 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

  1. So much racism stems from total ignorance. This should be addressed in all schools!! 😲

    …Just like the absence of teaching about the Holocaust allows anti-Semitism to flourish. A huge percentage of young people never knew about 6 million+ Jews and others being murdered by the Nazis, not so very long ago! In one poll, they couldn’t even name a single concentration camp! 😣

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    1. Ellie! Hi there! Yes, I recently learned that D D Eisenhower sent people to Nazi Germany to record the atrocities before people started saying it didn’t happen. Sadly, crazy people STILL say it didn’t happen.
      Unfortunately, “Massa” told our story and left the most horrid actions, like feeding black babies to alligators, out. There is no bottom to the trauma that happened here in America against Blacks.

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