Save Your Money | Preserve Your Produce

Georgia collard greens– fresh from the garden!

I’ll go ahead and admit to having had a penchant for buying a gaggle of produce, placing it in the bottom of the refrigerator, then promptly forgetting about it.

And while I was busy NOT remembering it, my supermarket harvest quickly became wet and funky bags of slime– waiting to be trashed.

Fortunately, I realized, in the words of my Late Great Uncle Bubba, “That ain’t no way to do the thang.”

So, I had myself a “come to Jesus meeting” which led me to confess my sin of wastefulness.

Think about it, for years, in my case, I have bought food that someone took the trouble to grow—only to allow it to rot away in those sad little plastic produce bags that I also didn’t give a hoot about.

Don’t get me wrong, I cared about the environment but not enough to change the way I lived my best life.

Yeah, I was pretty reckless…

But I digress.

We’ll talk about the environment later.

Anyway, now that I’ve started gardening, I have some idea how much work it takes to plant and grow vegetables.  

So the thought of squandering them the way that I had done so many times before is now, in my opinion, appalling!

Still, I can’t even imagine the amount of time and work that our nation’s farmers invest in growing food that frequently gets trashed in a land where, ironically, much of the population suffers from some level of hunger.

Whew! All the words…

Now, on a personal level, I could kick myself for the amount of money that I’ve spent on food that never touched my lips. 

Y’all, I did it for years!


After my meeting with The Lord, I decided to do better by adopting the following practices:

  1. Placing produce in a more prominent place (top shelf of my fridge) so that I don’t forget it
  2. Finding new and creative ways to prepare and eat whatever I buy
  3. Blanching and freezing or pickling vegetables before they spoil
  4. Refraining from the use of those little produce bags in the produce section

Now, in the interest of safety, I must make a clarification by adding that my pickled foods go immediately into the refrigerator as I have not yet started to deal with canning.  

Ah, but do not worry, canning is on LadyG’s list of “next things.”  

Yes, there is such a list and there are other food preservation methods on it. (You can download a template below)

Additional entries on said list may never be revealed to the public. 

*Insert diabolical laughter here*

Best believe, whatever I do, you’ll definitely be amongst the first to know— so stay tuned.

What about you?

Do you currently use food preservation techniques?  If so, which ones?

Does preserving food help you to save money?

Drop down in comments and lets discuss it.

Below is a video of me preserving some collard greens and broccoli. 

The collards (also pictured above) are from my garden; the broccoli is store-bought.

Lady G appreciates your comments ! 💋💋

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