Atlanta Child Murders: DNA Revisited And Timeline Extended All The Way Back To 1970

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All the way back to 1970?


Investigators in Atlanta are revisiting the Atlanta Child Murders. I mention in My Jams 1980 that these murders horrified Black parents and children in Atlanta, and, frankly, throughout Georgia–myself included.

If I’m being honest, I have never believed that the man that they arrested was responsible for all of those murders. Authorities linked him to two adults who were murdered around the same time and called that shit good.

Basically, after they arrested him, THAT was IT…

It seemed that they decided that he was probably the one who killed them all!

So they packed the whole thing up and were pretty much done with it…


Now, although they were finished with it, Black folks were most assuredly NOT!

Back in those days, we were convinced that the murderer had to be someone who could compel children to do as they were told.

To put it bluntly, we all thought it was a police officer working in concert with the KKK. Or, worse, someone who was one and the same.

According to the article linked below, cases are being re-evaluated in light of DNA testing advancements; and, the timeline for these murders is being extended all the way back to 1970 moving forward to 1985.

We were under the impression that the timeline began around 1980.

Just when you think we’ve hit rock bottom, there is always more American underbelly to explore.

It’s all in the stars, my dear.

The truth is being revealed…

Here’s the link:

REST IN PEACE to all of those babies, known and unknown.

5 thoughts on “Atlanta Child Murders: DNA Revisited And Timeline Extended All The Way Back To 1970

  1. G… “Again, we’re still reeling about the hundreds of indigenous babies (meaning children/teens) that lost their lives in those assimilation schools in North America” YES, here in Canada, they’ve uncovered giant areas with unmarked graves of indigenous kids who had been ripped from their families and put in “residential schools” run by so-called nuns/priests, in order to get the “savage” out of them and make ’em (sort of) “white”! I cry and cry thinking of this unthinkable crime, a genocide of little bodies and souls… There is no mystery around the pain still felt by survivors and their descendants. And look where they are now, herded into “reservations.” EXCUSE ME?!?! THEY WERE HERE FIRST. *WE* should be in effing reservations!!!!!
    Ok I’m done. But not really. 😭😭😭

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  2. The feeling of truth coming is palpable. I am grateful for the extraordinary advancements in DNA research and forensics. My family, too, felt the lure for those young ones had been someone “trusted” and/or held strong sway. Truth is patient, and waits quietly for the “great reveal.” Many prayers rising. ~Eve

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    1. When my dear owl graces this blog it is, indeed, a sign that EVERYTHANG gon’ be alright!
      And you are so right, even if you don’t believe a word of astrology or any other “ology,” you can’t help feeling that the truth is coming out in all directions! Thanks for acknowledging our suspicion about what could have happened to those kids. Again, we’re still reeling about the hundreds of indigenous babies (meaning children/teens) that lost their lives in those assimilation schools in North America…there’s that underbelly; which you pointed out.
      I’m glad you came over because I need to acknowledge that I read your message but I always like to wait a bit in order to send a thoughtful response.
      Chile….but damn if I didn’t “lose” my phone between the cushions of my couch! I just found it yesterday!
      LOL!!! Was it dead, you ask?
      Of course it was!
      Expect a response back soon my dear “Mama Indigo.”♥️

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      1. You just take your time with THAT. 🌷 I agree … response time should be slow and easy. Otherwise, I think we all just might go nuts trying to keep up. As for your phone in the couch cushions … 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Of course, nothing like that has EVER happened to me. 👀 Peace on YOU and those you love. 🦉

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