Evening PorchTalk Podcast With LadyG: Light and Dark | Ever Seen A Ghost? Just Open Your Eyes!

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  • Autumn’s slant of light
  • Communing with trees | Not just an oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange
  • Strange, unusual and beautiful sightings appear this time of year
  • Superstitions: Never look at the moon through the trees
  • Ever seen a ghost? Just open your eyes!
  • Southern storytelling

Any similarities between stories told in this video and real events is strictly coincidental.

Clocks, Bells, Villagers and Watchmen

A throwback from a couple of years ago to acknowledge the change of seasons! Expect more from me coming very soon! Happy Fall Y’all!

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***This post is a follow up toFirst of the Fall

In “First of the Fall,” I shared that Lady J and I were planning to enjoy thefirst day of fall.

And we did!

First, we went to the Hamlet of Subway in order to secure provisions for a leisurely lunch in the park.

After examining their menu, we decided to purchasea portion of roasted beast atop flattened bread-replete with any number and kind ofvegetables from the farmer’s harvest.

Best believe we added a tankard of sweet tea and a bag of chips 😉

I’mpartial to salt and vinegar! Lady J opted for BBQkettle chips.


After leaving the good people at Subway, Lady J and Ibegan a journey that ended at a local park.

There we commenced to enjoy our meal and take in the day.

But, alas, a bell began to toll!


Lady J was immediately startled-yet intrigued!

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