Clocks, Bells, Villagers and Watchmen

A throwback from a couple of years ago to acknowledge the change of seasons! Expect more from me coming very soon! Happy Fall Y’all!

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***This post is a follow up toFirst of the Fall

In “First of the Fall,” I shared that Lady J and I were planning to enjoy thefirst day of fall.

And we did!

First, we went to the Hamlet of Subway in order to secure provisions for a leisurely lunch in the park.

After examining their menu, we decided to purchasea portion of roasted beast atop flattened bread-replete with any number and kind ofvegetables from the farmer’s harvest.

Best believe we added a tankard of sweet tea and a bag of chips 😉

I’mpartial to salt and vinegar! Lady J opted for BBQkettle chips.


After leaving the good people at Subway, Lady J and Ibegan a journey that ended at a local park.

There we commenced to enjoy our meal and take in the day.

But, alas, a bell began to toll!


Lady J was immediately startled-yet intrigued!

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3 thoughts on “Clocks, Bells, Villagers and Watchmen

  1. Hi Gwin.
    I must have missed this one, the first time around.
    That’s evocative. Time is always something we cling to for focus. Just don’t get involved with physicists in talking about it, they start with Einstein and his theories and if you’re not careful will fill up the nearest piece of paper will all sorts of calculations to ‘explain’ things to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there my dear friend! No worries. This piece was written about 4 years ago and I needed a post to renew interest in the season.
      You are so right about asking a physicist to pontificate on time. No way! They take all the fun and magic out of the equation— pun intended😂
      I pray that you and the family are exceedingly well. Send my best regards to Mrs. Sheila🙏🏽

      Liked by 1 person

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