Evening PorchTalk Podcast With LadyG: Gen X’er Remembers Halloween Fun from the 1970’s and 1980’s

Evening PorchTalk Podcast

  • LadyG is Gen X!
  • Tea Time
  • Walking and Talking
  • Trick or treating:  Houses with the good candy!
  • Listen to the bell toll!
  • The fair and raking pine straw
  • Watch the squirrels dance!
  • Crossroads and Cemetaries

Enjoy the video!

7 thoughts on “Evening PorchTalk Podcast With LadyG: Gen X’er Remembers Halloween Fun from the 1970’s and 1980’s

  1. If anyone is interested in learning more about the vintage carnival rides owned by the James Drew Exposition of Augusta, Ga, check out the link below.

    In the article you’ll see a picture of the Seattle Wheel which is a replica of the Seattle Wheel from the “World’s Fair” event in Seattle Washington–I think it was 1962. The original Wheel was featured in a movie with Elvis Presley.

    Anyway, as I said, the Seattle Wheel is 90 feet tall -which explains why we could see it from very far away.

    In my eyes, it stood there so regally with a crisp October night’s sky as its backdrop.

    BTW, The Wheel has been refurbished since my childhood and it appears that they have modified the colors a bit–but if you google it, you’ll see original shots from when it was green and yellow.
    Flat out, this is not your average Ferris Wheel.

    Also, it is not to be confused with The Great Seattle Wheel located in Seattle Washington.



  2. “Never discuss religion, politics, or The Great Pumpkin!”
    -Linus Van Pelt

    “A person should always choose a Halloween costume that is in direct contrast to her personality.”
    -Lucy Van Pelt as she puts on a witch’s mask!


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