A Family Conversation: Real Talk!



Contains: Adult Conversation, language and situations

On this page, you’ll find “real talk” from the blogging cousins’ Wednesday weekly audio posts, “A Family Conversation.”

But, be forewarned…

In these audios, LadyG and Ron Brown, take topics to the next level of observation, inquiry, analysis, critique, conclusion and declaration.

All the words!

Suffice it to say, the conversation can get pretty deep!

And we WILL take the LONG way around!

Expect to get sidetracked!

If you’re ready…

You may proceed…

with caution.

We promise to start off slow.


Trouble We Ain’t Gone See

Witching hour/Dad/The Watchman/From Animals to Men

Pro/Pimping the Gospel

Ain’t a Damn Thang Changed/ Incomplete Checklist/Forward?/Talk then Do

Reimagine Justice/Who Infiltrated?/Gotta Wanna/Do Your Research/Be The Watchman


Take The Chain Off Your Brain

Truth Comes to LIGHT/Got NO Time/Act or get out the way/Only ONE side

History of Policing in America/Good Policemen/Egregious

Progressives and Regressives/I’m Your Huckleberry/ We Love YOU!


Sacred Cows

Make Me Wanna Holler

The Buddies Who Got Played Together/Shaking Quakers

Taxpayers and Looters/ Gaslighting

MAGA and Pink Kitty Hats

Why Are You Mad? Is This Really It?

BONUS TRACK -Sacred Cows