The Time is Nigh: Pandemic Hospital Data Reporting Change

“What is the hour of the night?”

Written by: Fletcher L. Brown aka “Pro” (ca. 1974)

From What Time Is It? Courtesy of The Time Tunnel


Wake up!

What’s happening right under your nose?

Why is there a sudden need to bypass the CDC for reporting Covid-19 hospital data?

White House Strips CDC Of Data Collection Role For COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Pay particular attention to this point from the article:

On Monday, an email flagged “Special Bulletin” from the American Hospital Association and obtained by NPR, informed hospitals of the data reporting change, and indicated that distribution of remdesivir, a drug that’s been used to treat hospitalized COVID patients, would be tied to the daily data reported into the TeleTracking portal. “The daily reporting is the only mechanism used for the [remdesivir] calculations,” the email from AHA reads.

HHS could not immediately confirm if failure to switch to the new HHS system means that a hospital will no longer get this key drug therapy from the federal government.

P. Huang, S. Simmons-Duffin.

Notwithstanding the second quoted paragraph, why do you think that the distribution of remdesivir is tied to daily reporting to the new HHS portal?

Who will have access to this data now that it is bypassing the CDC?

Will the data still be public?

Talk amongst yourselves…

I’ll wait.

Wake up!

Georgians, what say you to this?

Brian Kemp voids mask mandate despite surge in Covid-19 cases (Washington Post)

What the heck is Brian Kemp doing? (CNN)

Ass backward to say the least.

As we say in the South, I guess he won the pissing contest!


who are the losers?