Rambling Musical Commentary: I Could Live Without Love

Moving into a new decade!

Join LadyG as she presents three favorites from 1970.

My Jams 1970


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Musical Affirmation: 11/3/2016


Alternate title:  Intuition–Get into it!

“Mama Told Me Not To Come” by Three Dog Night  (Released 1970)

Sonically strange but catchy as hell!

That’s all that comes to mind whenever I think of this jam.

Best believe, it effectively evokes states of hazy, crazy, confusion and discombobulation.

The end results of not listening to Mama.

Now, I’ll give you the fact that Mama can’t go everywhere with you–Hell, my own Mama is happily skip-dancin’ in magical heavenly realms.

Therefore, it is so important that we all learn to cultivate our own inner knowing- our own “inner Mama.”

Intuition–Get into it!


And so…

Today’s Affirmation:  I trust and follow my intuition.

Intuition is your direct connection with The Divine.

A gift from God.

Take heed!

Your inner “Mama” ain’t never gon’ stir you wrong 😉

Tell ’em ’bout it boys:

Video Credit:  fritz51300

Have you ever followed or NOT followed your intuition and obtained an interesting or shocking result?

I’d love to hear about it!

Hit me up in comments 🙂


Lady G 😘💋

My Jams: 1970


1970 my jams pic
Diva of Soul welcomes the  1970’s

“Sun, sun, sun…here it comes!”–The Beatles 1969

Friends, even though the “My Jams” series is based on soul music, I couldn’t leave 1969 without acknowledging my favorite Beatle, the quiet one, George.


Welcome to 1970 my dear hearts!  What say you?  Are you ready to embark on a new thing? I mean, have you had enough war, anger and violence? I know I have! In fact, I’m packing all that mess up and putting it away so that I can get ready for love!

Now some might say that I probably should have healed “that mess” before I put it away but NOT TODAY!

Anyway, moving on, if love is your thing too, then the 1970’s will not disappoint.  Baby, in 1970, folks talked about love lost, love gained and anything else that you can imagine on the topic.  Wherever your relationship fell on the aforementioned ‘love spectrum,’ 1970 had a song just for you!

To prove my point, I submit:

My Jams:   1970

“Band of Gold” by Freda Payne

Ms. Freda is giving you the ‘real’ on this one.  Here she ‘channels’ a woman who poured her heart into a marriage but, alas, her dear hubby simply could NOT return the favor.

How many people (women and men) can relate to this feeling?  Darlings, these hurts happen- but farther up the road happiness awaits.

“Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder

 “Like a fool I went and stayed too long…”

Here we go again!  Another one of those love games!  Friends, we discussed this in “My Jams 1968.”  It appears that Stevie didn’t listen to Tyrone Davis (“Can I Change My Mind”).

Ok, let me explain this one more time.  If you leave, stay gone!  Personally, I simply cannot do that back and forth thing.

“Love or Let Me Be Lonely” by The Friends of Distinction”

I really love this song!  Whenever I listen to it, I can’t help trying to sing it’s tongue twister lyrics “I can live without love if I wanted to” …. And so on and so forth!  But more than that, I live for the part at the end where they groove in harmony “Love or let me be lonely…looooove or let me be lonely…”   I used to repeat that part and rock out!

“It’s A Shame” by The Spinners

Now this is one of my top 10 favorites in life!  Do you feel me?  Can you hear that freaking rhythm guitar with that bass just weaving all up and through?  Geez, I just can’t!

Ok, I can! 😉

This one doesn’t really sound like the Spinners. Well that’s because G. C. Cameron is leading.  To say that this dude was blessed with a serious vocal range is an understatement.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cameron and the Spinners ended up parting ways.  After that, it usually took two Spinners to match one G. C. Cameron when singing this song.  Basically, one of them stayed in the low to middle range and the other did the tweeting—that means singing falsetto y’all!

Anyway, Mr. Stevie Wonder co-wrote this jam.

“Owwww…got to, got to be a shame!”

“Precious, Precious” by Jackie Moore

This is a gorgeous song.  It reminds me of “Trapped By This Thing Called Love” by Denise LaSalle- no worries; we’ll get to that diva in the next year or so.

“Precious, Precious” tells the tale of a woman who fell too hard for the wrong joker.  Regardless, the groove here makes you forget all about that part!

“More Than I Can Stand” by Bobby Womack

Here’s another one of my all-time favorites.  You might say that Bobby Womack very heavily contributed to the soundtrack of my life.  I am sure that a lot of Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers can attest to that.

If you ever get a chance, ask my brother Tack about a natural tail whipping that he got about a Bobby Womack eight track.  Yeah, that little bubble headed terror sat in the middle of the floor and pulled every inch of tape out of mama’s cassette.  By the time she caught him, he was sitting in a heaping pile of brown plastic.

There was no recovering from that!

***Bonus:  “Big Leg Woman With A Short Short Mini Skirt” by Israel Tolbert

I don’t even know this song but I like it because I am known for my big legs!  LOL!  Morris Day and the Time wrote the song “Fishnet” about me! Ok , no, they really didn’t but I like to imagine that they did 😉

Well that’s enough of my foolishness!

And so, the time has come for me to say farewell to 1970.  As always, this list is not all inclusive.

Holler at me!  Tell me your jams from 1970.


Next Thursday:  “My Jams:  1971”