Rambling Musical Commentary: You Just Been Hit By The Capricorn King!

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Oh yes honey, LadyG’s Rambling Musical Commentary is about the year 1981.

Join me as I remember my favorite R&B jams from the year that started the whole “My Jams” series!


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Titles always come the lyrics of one of the selected jams

Rambling Musical Commentary: That’s My Jam

**Escapism alert!

Some adult language

Ok, seriously!

Enough is enough!

I have got to find ways to improve my mental wellbeing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still ALL about the cause and will continue my work…

But, as my dear friend, the other Lady G oft quotes, “The world is too much with us…”

She borrowed it from Wordsworth and I borrowed it from her.

And so…

In an effort to keep “the world” manageable for ME, I decided to do something fun on the blog by offering a rambling commentary on my musical posts, including “My Jams” which was a R&B series for years 1966-1996.

Join me as I touch on…


Record Stores

Cassette Tapes

8 tracks





Soul Brother Number One

The Good Foot

The One

Hot Cuisine

Ozone/Teena Marie (Lady T)

All of that comes from this post.

Run Time: Less than 15 mins.

That’s My Jam


Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. 

My Jams ’81

1981 pic

Warning:  “My Jams” posts contain adult language and situations.

“Gwin, you better hurry up and come get your plate ‘cause the food is gettin’ cold!”

Today, mama cooked fried pork chops with collard greens and macaroni and cheese!!! By the way, I helped her grate the cheese for the macaroni.  I figured I better watch her while she cooks so that when I grow up I’ll know how to cook for my own family.

Anyway, so you know I quit violin right?  Daddy was a little bit mad about that because he bought me my own violin after spending two years renting the one I had before.  Don’t worry, he’s gonna sell it so he’ll get his money back.

Oh yeah, the reason why I quit was to become a majorette in the marching band this year. Sorry, but I can’t do violin, chorus and band practice.  That’s too much!  That’s why I quit violin.  Shoot, I wanted to play “Star Wars” like Ms. Hargrove but we ain’t even got to the lesson where you learn how to make your fingers trimble on the strings.

Besides, I can’t wait to march with the band.  We gon’ play “Let’s Groove” by Earth Wind and Fire.  We already practicing our routine.

Guess what?

All the majorettes added parts to our dance.  I added the part where  we jump up, kick and land close to the ground and twirl our way back up.  We’ll do that when the band plays the part “So we can boogie on down, down, boogie on down…”  Everybody likes my idea!  I made that part up because I know I can jump and kick higher than all the rest of ‘em.

That’s enough about that.

Do you wanna know a secret?  Ok, I’ll tell you but you have to promise me you will NOT tell a soul.

Ok, so you remember the boy I was telling you about that I like?  Well today, he was at my friend’s house and there was nobody home but my friend, this boy, another boy and me.  Well, my friend told me that since I like the boy that I should go all the way with him.  That’s not exactly what she said but you know what I mean.  Anyway, she pushed me into the den with him and shut the door behind her.  He was standing by a stereo that was playing “Am I dreaming” by Atlantic Starr.

You know I was shaking and FREAKING OUT right?

I didn’t say a word, I just stood there looking like a mullet fish.  So he walked over to me and asked me if I was scared and I said, “yes.”


He gave me a really big long hug, lifted my chin and kissed me on my lips.  Then he told me that I didn’t have to do anything that I didn’t want to do.

Well I didn’t want to do anything and I told him that. Then, he smiled and said, “You a sweet girl, I’ll see you later.”

Atlantic Starr was still singing when he walked out the door.

Oops!  I gotta go for now!  My food gon’ really be cold plus I wanna watch ‘Solid Gold’ when it first come on.  I already hear them playing “Let’s get physical,” by Olivia Newton-John.

Oh yeah, my favorite Solid Gold dancer is Darcel, she’s the one with the long hair—she knows how to get down!  Somebody told me she was married to one of the Spinners but I don’t know if that’s true.

See ya later!

🙂 🙂 🙂


Chile, y’all better watch those kids!  I don’t give a damn how well you know their friend’s family!  All kinds of crazy tomfoolery happens at the homes of people you ‘know.’  Now to be fair, parents can’t be everywhere but just remember that children can be sneaky as hell!  I got two of them jokers so I know from experience.  Hell, I was sneaky and so were you!

Baby, that little fast ass heffa had Lil Lady G hemmed up in a room with a mannish little boy.  Chile I was in danger of making a serious life choice waaaaaay too soon.  Just imagine if young Mr. Carribeanish had decided he didn’t give a damn what I wanted.  That whole little saga could have gone bad-wrong!

To thicken up the plot, did you peep the song that was playing in the background?  “Am I Dreaming” by Atlantic Starr?  Whaaat?  Oh and let us not forget “Send for me!” Baby, the mood was SET!

I think it’s safe to say that I am flat out lucky that I came out of that situation with all my girl parts intact.


Anywhats, so what’s going on in your corner of the world in 1981? Are you getting along okay?  Anything I should know about?  Don’t hesitate to tell me!  Meet me in comments at the after party!

And so…

Let’s do this…

My Jams ‘81

Get down on it by Kool and The Gang

Just in case you didn’t know, that ain’t Kool singing.

Baby that’s cool ass “JT.”

That brother know he was ice cold on a microphone!

Talk about a sexy crooner?  He most assuredly goes on Lady G’s list—sorry Chevvy, “I saw him first!” LOL!

“Ooooooooh ooooh ooooh get down.”

It Must be Magic by Teena Marie

“Weeeeeeeeee!”  Oh don’t act like you don’t know! That’s Lady T’s signature entrance!

Stop the damn presses!  Stop the presses!

Lady T has ENTERED the building!  Yessir!

Baby this Queen had Melvin Franklin and all the damn Temptations spitting a little fire on that joint!

Who else do you know with that kind of clout?

Now don’t get me wrong I know that Melvin Franklin was Rick James’ ‘play uncle’ and that may have had something to do with it but Teena…I mean Teena!

Horns, strings, bass….all the sounds that I love the most!  I see T. Wayne two stepping!  Ron is catching up and Geo is straight chilling!

Do y’all miss Lady T like I do?

No worries, you will see her again on this list!

Lady G always has and always will be down with Lady T!  Baby that’s Bible and Church!

Stepping out by Kool and the Gang

This one didn’t get the credit that I think it should have!  If you don’t know it, please go check it out!  But, I’ll betcha my core followers know this joker!

What’cha Gonna Do For Me by Chaka Khan

Damn! Just Damn!

“Uh huh a-uh huh!”  Queen Chaka so bad she can make an utterance sound like high opera!

I simply cannot with Chaka!

But do you hear that bass guitar turning and churning all around in that damn thang? What?

This my shit right here!

Make that Move by Shalamar

Aw hell….The first few notes and I am DEAD!

Howard acted a damn fool on this jam and that’s a good thing!

Again, it has all the essential elements that I need in a song.  It’s got me some horns, some strings and some bass!  Some piano!  Some rhythm guitar….All the shit I need to kill me DEAD!

By the way, DEAD is good!

Oh but have you heard “Somewhere there’s a love just for me?”  SHIIIIIIIIT!!!! They killed that one too!

Two Hearts by Stephanie Mills with TP

A musical unicorn of sorts!  I mean, where do you see two masterful singers willing to work together to sound so freaking good?


I heard it through the grapevine by Roger Troutman and Zapp

Mama left planet Earth mad at Roger Troutman for committing what she considered a form of blasphemy when he recorded this song using the voice box thingy.

Did I mention that Roger died years before she did?  That’s how deep it ran with Eva!

Anyway, please allow me to make a minor digression in order to tell you a true story!

One day, mama asked me if I had ever heard of Roger Troutman.  I said, “Yeah mama, everybody know Roger Troutman!”

She then went on to say:

“I went to Pyramids to get that new Shalamar record. Well a limo pulled up and a man got out so I said, ‘excuse me, who are you?’ and he said, ‘Hi m’am, I’m Roger Troutman.’  She then said he opened the door to the store for her and they both went on about their business.

Needless to say, I was chomping at the bit!!  I said, “Mama you know Roger Troutman, he’s the one that sings with that voice thingy!”

Mama looked at me and barked, “Wait just a damn minute!  Is he the one that fck’d up “Grapevine?”

I said, “Well…yes.” But I was thinking “hell to da naw!”

Mama said, “If I hadda known that…..”

Y’all I can’t tell you everything she said! And for my own safety I didn’t even mention that he remade ‘Midnight hour’ too.  That would have been deadly–and not the good kind of deadly either.

Anyway, let’s just end the story by saying that Roger did, somewhat, redeem himself with her when he made ‘Computer Love.”

Whew!!! Despite all the drama, I gotta admit that all kinds of magical things happened when mama was around!

Now, frankly, I liked Roger’s version of Grapevine!  The long version is my jam!  He showed out!

“Don’t you leave me… don’t you leeeeave me girl!”

“Heard it through, heard it through, heard it through…tear it up!”

On the beat by The BB&Q band

Yessir!  That’s Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens!  All the way up there in New York!  I think Tony Tone Vega is from around that way somewhere!

Honey if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought that was Nile Rodgers playing rhythm guitar on this jam! Hell it might just be; but Lady G simply cannot be bothered to research it!  If you want to know for sure, google it then let me know.

Yaasss!  Get it boys!

Let’s work by Prince

Yasss! Baby that thang got down off his magical Pegasus– with his pretty self –and commenced to show his entire ass with this jam!

BASS!!!!!  Yasss!

Walking into Sunshine by Central Line

When I first heard this song I remember saying to myself “Self, you done heard this music from somewhere before!”

Yasss baby, this song samples the Duke of Earl’s “Get down.”

Baby sampling or interpolating or whatever you want to call it was new territory back then so some people were a bit confused!

Either way, I loved it!  I still rock it to this day!

Thanks UK!

“I gotta get away to see what’s right for me!”

Bon bon vie by T.S. Monk

“Gimme da Bon, Bon, Bon, Bon, Bon, Bon, Bon, Bon Vie!  Give me the good life”

A funky ass ode to living your life right!


Are you single by Aurra

BASS!  BASS! BASS!  Bassline!  I JUST CAN”T !!!

I’ll guarantee that T. Wayne will pay $5 per bass slap!

A bassist’s heaven!

And love goes on by Earth Wind and Fire

This is one of those back in the back on the b-side jams!

Yeah well you best believe that Lady G knows it intimately!

I actually read that Phillip Bailey said it’s one of his favorites despite the fact that most folks don’t know it.

Go check it out!

Holla back in comments.

Love has come around by Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds

“I’m so glad now love has come around!”

T. Wayne!!!! Please tell the peoplez about this jam!

This is one of those jams that folks liked when it was out but then forgot about it!

Well I implore you to revisit this joker right here!


Freaky Dancin’ by Cameo

This one and pretty much EVER-Y-THANG Cameo did from about 1976 up until 1982 was funky as hell!  Do you hear me?  If funk is your thing, please don’t leave off Cameo!

‘Knights of the Soundtable?”  WTF?

“In order to move like this, you gotta have confidence…”

Heartbeat by Taana Gardner




Wake your ass up and check out this BASSSSSSS!

This joker has been sampled so much that it is unreal!

It’s all about the BOTTOM on this jam!!!

Oh yeah and that little tweeting on top is nice too but the bottom is the boss right ‘chere! Just plain NASTY!

You got to give it to Taana, that Queen handled all of that!!  Yasss!

DEAD! DEAD dammit I am DEAD!!!


8th Wonder by The Sugar Hill Gang

“With the pow-wow boogie and the big bang bang……….and you don’t stop!”


Ok, I can get with this whole rap thing!  This was the jam! This is when rappers could really rap and have fun.  The rap game done devolved something awful save one or two dudes/chicks out there.

Master GEE? Say whaaaaaat?

He was mine….in my head anyway!

I guess I “just been hit by the Capricorn King!”

Nights…..Feel like getting down by Billy Ocean

Yasss baby!!!!

I love this damn song!  Again, this is another one that I take with me to this day!

Another shout out to da UK!

Something about you by Ebonee Webb

Yeah…you thought it was Prince didn’t you?



Y’all it’s time to check out Mama’s list:

Can’t go for that by Hall and Oates

Why do fools fall in love by Diana Ross

When she was my girl by The Four Tops

Lady by the Commodores

It’s a love thing by The Whispers

Take my heart by Kool and the Gang

Ai no corrida by Quincy Jones

I’m in love by Evelyn Champagne King

Never too much by Luther Vandross

Give it to me baby by Rick James

Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith

Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside

Snap shot by Slave

Ghetto Life by Rick Jams (Whole Street Songs album)

Silly by Deneice Williams

I’ll do anything for you by Denroy Morgan

Sweat til you get wet by Brick

Get it up by The Time

This kind of Lovin by The Whispers

Before I let you go by Frankie Beverly and Maze:  Aw shit now!

Your love is on the one by Lakeside

Funky sensation by Gwen McCrae:  Y’all know this-it’s been sampled a lot

NULL or in other words ***NOT Mama’s : Numbers by Kraftwerk, a bonus for rap buffs—it is the basis for a lot of early rap hits—whole bunch of counting in German.  You ought to know it!

Back to mama’s:

For the lover in you by Shalamar

Bad Lady by Con Funk Shun

Here’s to you by Skyy

Searching to find the one by Unlimited Touch:  Ah yeah!

Feel me by Cameo

Love in the fast lane by Dynasty

Feelin’ must be real by The Skool Boyz

Fire and Desire by Rick James and Teena Marie

Controversy and Do me baby by Prince


And now we’ve come full circle in a way…..

Let’s talk about the two jams that started this whole series, I present:

Who’s been kissing you by Haute Cuisine and Gigolette by Ozone Featuring Teena Marie.

If you are a bass fan, Gigolette is FOR YOU! And since I am a Bass fan it damn shole is for me!!!!  It’s another one that was overlooked by the masses.

Anyway, you probably already know that these two jams were highlighted in the post “That’s My Jam.”

Friends, “That’s My Jam” is the post where I announced my decision to start the “My Jams” series on Thursdays!  I guess you can call it the mother post!

Funny, how one thing can lead to another one and then it’s on and popping!

Now, let me be candid, I have always been extra, extra, extra sentimental during New Years!  Sometimes, I have trouble letting the ‘old year’ go.  Baby, 1981 was no exception, in fact, I found that particular year to be very hard for me to let go.

Believe me when I tell you that I really wanted to keep 1981 in place for some reason.

Maybe one day I’ll discuss this with a counselor– but, for now, the reasoning behind all of that will remain a mystery!

So, it is with a heavy heart that I must bid 1981 farewell–again! Damn!

Hey, what are your favorite memories or jams from 1981?

Join me for the 1981 ‘My Jams’ party in the comments section.









That’s My Jam!

Gwin v.2-post of 1981
Me at that awkward age in 1981

This morning, while taking my daughter to school, I got shook!  I mean completely knocked the hell over!  I was utterly caught off-guard!  Do you want to know what did it?  A song!  Yes my loves, I was knocked off my ass by a song.

Here’s the interesting part, the song that initiated all of this madness was not well known by the masses.  However, it held special significance for me because I listened to it over and over during my pre-teen years. I guess I was pining away over a fictitious relationship that I ‘had’ with this dude down the street.  Anyway, when I heard the song today, I was immediately bum-rushed by every single image that I had ever seen or imagined from the year 1981.

Now that I have sufficiently tortured you with preliminaries, I guess I should name that tune!  Are you ready?  It was “Who’s Been Kissing You?” by: Hot Cuisine.  Yeah…you probably don’t know it right off hand.  However, you can go to You-tube and check it out, here’s the link.

Whoa! I think I hear the distant chattering of ‘old head’ music buffs questioning my song knowledge.  Well let me explain…

You see, I was lucky enough to have been born into a magical time and place.  In this place, there reigned a powerful Godfather, not the Italian mobster; I am talking about Soul Brother Number One! Anyway, our Godfather infused the city’s airwaves with esoteric knowledge on ‘the good foot’ and ‘the one.’

Here’s a quick primer: ‘The good foot’ refers to the dance and the ‘the one’ refers to the beat. Now, if you require more information on either of these concepts you might want to consult with world renowned Funk Bassist Bootsy Collins.

Anyhow, as a natural born student of soul music, I would spend any given day in 1981 taping songs.  You see, back in those days, we didn’t buy songs; we taped them as they were being played on the radio.  In order to do this, you had to place a cassette tape into a tape recorder, press play/record, and sit it right next to the radio.  Some might call that piracy; I choose to call it creativity.

At any rate, I would sit for hours waiting for the DJ to play my favorite songs so that I could include them on my tape.  Most times this strategy worked pretty well.  Then other times, not so much!  I remember getting pissed when the DJ played my jam just as I was going to the bathroom or just as I was coming back from making a peanut butter sandwich.  In cases like these, I either stopped in my tracks in order to try to record as much of the song as I could or I had to wait until the joker played it again.  Damn!  Kids today don’t know anything about that!

Now on days when I was particularly bored or had a bunch of cassettes, I would simply record everything that the DJ played-at least until I ran out of tapes.

Suffice it to say, I had collected a massive hodge-podge of songs from 1981 (and years prior).  Some songs were popular and some were not.  But once I had captured them onto my cassettes I learned them all!  Hence, the reason that I know songs like “Gigolette” by Ozone-featuring Teena Marie or the song that tipped me over this morning!  I hope you’re smiling!

What’s the point of all of this?  Hell I don’t know!  Just kidding! No, here’s the point, I have decided to post some of my favorite songs from the past along with a little commentary every Thursday.  I would love to hear your feedback on my selections as well as your suggestions of other songs from that week’s time period. Just so you know, you can shoot me an e-mail at msfleurs87@gmail.com to discuss!

In the meantime, if you think you know a little sumthin’ about old school soul, funk and R&B GET AT ME!