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Here’s my take (ramble/rant) on how the threat of coronavirus has changed the way I do things!

How has YOUR life changed?

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Correction:  Taurus rules banking and such, which makes it closely related to its fellow earth sign, Capricorn which rules government.



Why I Like Millennials

Let me go ahead and get this straight up front, I am not trying to pander to Millennials. ¬†In fact, they probably don’t need or want to read anything more about their generation.¬†But, I do think that baby boomers and folks from generation x should at least take a quick gander at this post.

So let’s define the population. ¬†Millennials are generally¬†identified¬†as people who were born between 1980 and the early aughts (“aught”…What a lovely old term for zero). Now that we’ve established the specifics,¬†please note¬†that everything that I am about to say is solely based on my own observations. Believe me, there is not one¬†iota¬†of science to be found here.

We all know¬†that Millennials were the first generation to come of age during a time¬†when they could readily access information of any shape, form or fashion.¬† Since their early teens they have been able to quickly find out the best way to do anything from baking a turkey to installing a bathtub. ¬†This fact alone makes them quite unique-to say the least.¬† At any rate, not only do they have access to vast amounts of information, but I have found that they use this information wisely¬†by¬†‘running the numbers’ as it were. ¬†I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a Millennial press what appears to be two virtual buttons on their iPhone and immediately tell you what to do, where to go do it ¬†and why you should or shouldn‚Äôt do it in the first place. ¬†Granted, I’m not too shabby with an iPhone and other forms of technology but Millennials take it to that next level.

Pause‚Ķ.In the distant ethers of the internet I can sense someone arguing that all of this exposure to information is¬†counterproductive, distracting, stress inducing…blah, blah, blah! ¬†My response: ¬†While that may be the case, it is not the focus of this post right here (nod to Katt Williams).

Moving on! I would submit that Millennials, by virtue of their access to information, often look at historical mistakes-big or small, learn from them and make more sensible choices.  On any given day, they can be found researching negative outcomes associated with, for example, overspending on a micro level and over consumption on a macro level (or vice versa ). To be honest, I envy this Millennial quality!

Technology aside, I find Millennials, as a whole, to be a witty, funny and thoughtful population. ¬†In my mind, they seem to have taken on some of the more positive traits of prior generations and incorporated them into their own (Feel free to debate¬†which traits Millennials might have taken from which generation on your own). ¬†Just realize that in many cases¬†Millennials¬†are¬†taking on the role of the¬†sensible adults in the room ūüôā Prior generations would do well to get to know them.



Damn I wish I had a smartphone with Wi-Fi  connected to the inter-webs back in 1987!  What do you think?