Greens From Daddy’s Patio: Watching The Pot (Week 8)

Cooking metaphors for gardening? That’s so Lady G!

Bonus: Me watching for fireflies. Unfortunately, you might not be able to see them flash because they go so fast, but at least you can enjoy the sounds of the crickets chirping on a beautiful Southern night šŸ™‚

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! Thanks for being a great DAD! Love you!

Run time: less than 6 mins

Coronavirus Ramble



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Interacting with Family



Here’s my take (ramble/rant) on how the threat of coronavirus has changed the way I do things!

How has YOUR life changed?

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Correction: Ā Taurus rules banking and such, which makes it closely related to its fellow earth sign, Capricorn which rules government.



Why I Like Millennials

Let me go ahead and get this straight up front, I am not trying to pander to Millennials. Ā In fact, they probably don’t need or want to read anything more about their generation.Ā But, I do think that baby boomers and folks from generation x should at least take a quick gander at this post.

So let’s define the population. Ā Millennials are generallyĀ identifiedĀ as people who were born between 1980 and the early aughts (“aught”…What a lovely old term for zero). Now that we’ve established the specifics,Ā please noteĀ that everything that I am about to say is solely based on my own observations. Believe me, there is not oneĀ iotaĀ of science to be found here.

We all knowĀ that Millennials were the first generation to come of age during a timeĀ when they could readily access information of any shape, form or fashion.Ā  Since their early teens they have been able to quickly find out the best way to do anything from baking a turkey to installing a bathtub. Ā This fact alone makes them quite unique-to say the least.Ā  At any rate, not only do they have access to vast amounts of information, but I have found that they use this information wiselyĀ byĀ ‘running the numbers’ as it were. Ā I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a Millennial press what appears to be two virtual buttons on their iPhone and immediately tell you what to do, where to go do it Ā and why you should or shouldnā€™t do it in the first place. Ā Granted, I’m not too shabby with an iPhone and other forms of technology but Millennials take it to that next level.

Pauseā€¦.In the distant ethers of the internet I can sense someone arguing that all of this exposure to information isĀ counterproductive, distracting, stress inducing…blah, blah, blah! Ā My response: Ā While that may be the case, it is not the focus of this post right here (nod to Katt Williams).

Moving on! I would submit that Millennials, by virtue of their access to information, oftenĀ look at historical mistakes-big or small, learn from them and make more sensible choices. Ā On any given day, they can be found researchingĀ negative outcomes associated with, for example, overspending on a micro level and over consumption on a macro level (or vice versa ). To be honest, I envy this Millennial quality!

Technology aside, I find Millennials, as a whole, to be a witty, funny and thoughtful population. Ā In my mind, they seem to have taken on some of the more positive traits of prior generations and incorporated them into their own (Feel free to debateĀ which traits Millennials might have taken from which generation on your own). Ā Just realize that in many casesĀ MillennialsĀ areĀ taking on the role of theĀ sensible adults in the room šŸ™‚ Prior generations would do well to get to know them.



DamnĀ I wish I had a smartphone with Wi-Fi Ā connected to the inter-webs back in 1987! Ā What do you think?