Coronavirus Ramble/ Rant: You Can’t Find Nothing!



**Contains adult language; not excessive though**

I misspoke, I meant to say that brown eggs are closer to natural….

I guess ūüėā¬†!

If you’re wondering what that means, listen to me¬†ramble/rant about not being able to find a damn thang in the stores!

LadyG just having a little fun to brighten up the days!

Love you!

Run time:  About 10 mins


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The Flowering Vine: Baking with Ma Allie


Since it’s ‘Birthday season’ around these parts, I’ve decided it might be fun to ask Ma Allie (Mother’s mother) to assist me with baking a cake.

Does it matter that she died several years before I was born?

Not to me ūüėČ

I love a challenge!

You game?

Let’s call her and see what happens…

Here goes…

Ma Allie, come forth!

Ma Allie, come forth!

Ma Allie, come forth!

(I once saw someone conjure a ghost using similar phrasing on an old episode of Bewitched.)


MA ALLIE: ¬†I’m Allie! ¬†Who are you?

GWIN: ¬†Hey! ¬†My name is Gwin, I’m one of your great- granddaughters…one of Annie Maude’s grandchildren.

MA ALLIE: ¬†Which one o’ her¬†chiren you belong to?

GWIN: I belong to Jimmie.

MA ALLIE:  Well sir!  You shole favor him too!

MA ALLIE: ¬†Now, what ‘choo¬†want wit’ me?

GWIN: Well, I wanted to bake a cake so I decided to ask you to help instead of me looking it up on the web.  

MA ALLIE:¬†(Confounded) Looking’ on a web? ¬†Y’all done started lookin’ at webs to find out what ‘choo wanna know?

Lawd ha’mercy!

GWIN:¬†It’s a long story and I can’t tell it.

Can you PLEASE help me?

MA ALLIE: ¬†Okay baby…

Now, I use my special green cup when I bake.

GWIN: Is it a measuring cup? ¬†I mean… is it 8 ounces?

MA ALLIE:¬†(Kinda irritated) Baby I don’t know nothin‚Äô ’bout no ounces… It‚Äôs just a cup. That’s all I know to tell ya.

I bake wit’ it and sometimes I drank my coffee from it.

Now go get¬†your¬†flour, baking powder, and sugar…then get some butter, milk, eggs and¬†some vanilla.

GWIN: Do I need a tablespoon or a teaspoon for the vanilla?

MA ALLIE: (A bit more irritated)  What?

MA ALLIE: ¬†All you need is a kitchen spoon….when it’s time, put in a li’l…not too much.

Now get a bowl and mix up all your wet thangs¬†and then add¬†yo’ dry things¬†in with the wet.

After you done that, get ‘choo¬†a good wooden spoon and stir¬†it up real nice.

Once you got¬†it all mix up good, pour it¬†into your cake pans ….you¬†ought’a¬†have enough for two layers.

GWIN: How long do I bake it?

MA ALLIE: ¬†(Slightly annoyed) Jus’ watch it and use your senses baby….look at it…smell of it…when you can¬†smell¬†it from anywhere in the house it’s ’bout ready.

You’ll know when to take it out.


Baby, I’m sorry, I got to go on back now.

GWIN: (Highly stressed) Wait, Ma Allie!  What temperature do I need to set the oven for?

MA ALLIE: ¬†(Confused) Temperature? ¬†Honey,¬†I don’t know what ‘choo talkin’ ’bout!

GWIN: ¬†(Even more confused)¬†You know… the oven temperature.

Come look at my stove…right here… this is where you set the oven temperature.

MA ALLIE:¬† (Dumbfounded) Baby I ain’t never baked in¬†no oven like that¬†before in my life!

GWIN: (Stumped) What do I do now?

MA ALLIE:¬† (Chuckling¬†Sarcastically) You better go check wit’ that magic web you was tellin’ me ’bout before.

Ask IT to tell ya !  

‘Bye now!

GWIN: (Stuck with raw cake batter in pans) Oh good grief!







Happy Birthday to Us- Pt 1


Lady J (October 2016)

Greetings friends!

January is a month of birthdays around here!

First up is Lady J.  

She turns 11 this week.

If you guys follow this blog then you already ‘know’ her as¬†my youngest child.

Talk about a spirited chick?

That’s our Lady J!

Not only is she feisty, but she’s a smart and witty one who enjoys cooking, crafting, writing, reading, drawing and playing piano.

Wise beyond her years, Lady J is, as many of you know, a self proclaimed “Protector of the Animals.”

That said, she knows just about anything that can be known about pretty much any animal you can think of.

Trust me on that one ūüėČ

I’ve heard it all!

Naturally, she wants to be a Veterinarian.

Of course, some of you may remember this post where she staged a school bake sale to raise money to help support dogs awaiting adoption.

Poor baby, I think the final tally was only about $25.00…

But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, please join me as I celebrate my sweet daughter, Lady J.


Baby Lady J
Lady J creation (age 7)
Lady J’s current work (in progress): ¬†A hand knitted winter’s scarf
Practicing for Winter Recital (2016)
Baking Brownies
One of Lady J’s many sketches


With love,

Mom ūüėėūüíč