Rambling Musical Commentary: That’s My Jam

**Escapism alert!

Some adult language

Ok, seriously!

Enough is enough!

I have got to find ways to improve my mental wellbeing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still ALL about the cause and will continue my work…

But, as my dear friend, the other Lady G oft quotes, “The world is too much with us…”

She borrowed it from Wordsworth and I borrowed it from her.

And so…

In an effort to keep “the world” manageable for ME, I decided to do something fun on the blog by offering a rambling commentary on my musical posts, including “My Jams” which was a R&B series for years 1966-1996.

Join me as I touch on…


Record Stores

Cassette Tapes

8 tracks





Soul Brother Number One

The Good Foot

The One

Hot Cuisine

Ozone/Teena Marie (Lady T)

All of that comes from this post.

Run Time: Less than 15 mins.

That’s My Jam


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Message from 1982!

Daddy had a yellow 260-z in 1982



I am still in 1982 and here’s how I spent my day today.

In no particular order:

I went to watch this good looking older guy name Jariah  my brother’s little league game.

Ate some meatloaf with mashed potatoes and some turnip greens.

Fed my dogs (Princess and Demon.)

Climbed my favorite tree and sat on my tree-bench.

Ever heard of a tree-bench?

It’s a long story–ask me about it in comments.

Anyway, I sat on my bench and thought about how much fun it would be to live on a magical star.

Recorded a few songs off the radio.

Was pissed off because the damned DJ started talking right in the middle of “Walk” by The Time–CURSES!

Watched “Bosom Buddies”–Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari are hilarious.

Read one of Mama’s “Jet” Magazines.

Watched a rerun of “The Fish That Saved Pittsburg.”

Asked Daddy why train engines sound so funny when they have to go in reverse.

And now…

I’m getting ready for bed!

I can’t wait to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow!

See y’all when 2016 becomes more hospitable.


Here’s a little something from my cassette tape.

Video Credit:  Funk Nation

Important Note:

I’m in an alternate version of the last 1982 we had.

It’s a whole lot better than the old one was 🙂

Holler if you want to join me 🙂

I’ll make sure you get directions!

Lady G 😘💋








Greetings from 1982!


Updated: 11-26-2016

To paraphrase a quote from the great Spencer Tracy, Lady G is officially inaccessible to anything in the way of reasoning!

Or something like that!

I’ve never had a problem with completely botching a quote!



My friends, I have completely lost it and I am currently residing in 1982!


Because I simply cannot with 2016 right now.

I’ll do my best to keep in touch!

In the meantime, it’s TV night and I am about to watch “The New Odd Couple” with Ron Glass and Demond Wilson.

It’s my favorite episode!

The one where “Frances” (Telma Hopkins) moves in!

Everything is Kool and the Gang!

Take care my loves and Godspeed!

-Lady G 😘💋

Ron Glass:   July 10, 1945-November 25, 2016

Rest in Peace 🌹



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