Halloween Shenanigans: Play a Parlour Game with LadyG

Shall we play a game? ** said using my best 1980’s computer voice like in that movie that I can’t remember the name of and don’t care to google**

I digress!

No, seriously, shall we play?


To start, simply read the following in your best sing-song voice, then copy and paste it into the comment section:

My dearest and wisest Lady G, please have a little fun with me.

Tell me what my energy shows and what is working to stop the flow.

-A little ditty created strictly for this purpose.

When you copy and paste this little poem into comments, please tell me how you’d like to be addressed.

It’s ok to use an alias.

REMEMBER, this is all in fun and strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY.

NOTE: All copy/pasted inquiries MUST be dated by midday U.S. Eastern Standard Time, October 29, 2020.

LadyG will post a grouped response via audio on October 29, 2020 at sunset Eastern Standard Time.

“Don’t delay, act now…..supplies are running out!” **said using my best Smash Mouth impression**




THIS offer ends, MIDDAY, October 29,2020, USA Eastern Standard Time.


This is going to be FUN!

If I don’t get any responses, it’s all good, I’ll just assume that no one wants to play with me.

And now for the LEGAL NOTICE:

***I am not a doctor, attorney, accountant, financial advisor, counselor, baker, butcher, priest, priestess, or fortune teller. Responses given here are NOT meant to be substituted for the advice of any of the above professionals.

This is a game to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY.

At best, responses are meant to encourage creativity and self reflection.

I retain the right not to respond to any inquiry that falls outside of the directions given or that I deem inappropriate. Trust me, I’ll disregard it with no hesitation or explanation.

Now, let’s play.