My Jams ’92

My Jams 1990s

My Jams posts contain adult language and controversial observations.  Actual release dates may vary.  

I’m so happy ‘cause today

I’ve found my friends

They’re in my head

I’m so ugly, that’s okay, cause so are you

We broke our mirrors

Sunday morning is every day for all I care

And I’m not scared

Light my candles in a daze

Cause I’ve found God

Hey, hey, hey!

—From “Lithium” by Nirvana—


You know what Kurt?  I wish I could find some friends in my head.

Seriously, I’m about to go stir-crazy sitting here waiting for some good news.  I mean, since graduation, I’ve been putting a couple of irons in the fire but everything seems to be at a standstill.

By the way, I had to turn down one job offer.

Why?  You ask?

Because I applied for one thing and they kept trying to push me into something completely different.

Simply put, I don’t have it in me to go around investigating all the ways that people neglect and abuse their kids.

I hate to have to jump on somebody!

Kurt, I’m not a violent person but I can’t tell you how I might respond in a situation where I know somebody is abusing a child.

God bless the people that can do that work.

It just ain’t for me.

Anyway, right now I’m waiting to hear back about a fellowship that I applied for.

But, I’ll level with you Kurt, my mind is still reeling from taking that freaking GRE.

Overall, I think I did OK, but check out this crazy ass sample test question:

As a manager, you are tasked with planning a staff meeting.  Your meeting attendees include  Al, Bert, Candy and Don.  Bear in mind that Al can never sit next to Don and Don must always be seated next to Candy and Candy must never be seated to the left of Al.

Which option (A,B, C or D) represents the best seating plan for your meeting?

Shit…I don’t dammit know.

To be honest, I kept looking for option E which, in my mind, was “Cancel that bullshit and send a memo of your dictates.”


Like I said, other than that, I think I did well enough.

Uh oh, Kurt, I gotta go, here comes the mailman.  Maybe he has some good news; or at least a love letter.

Oh yeah, one more thing Kurt, please tell Dave Grohl that I might be down with the swirl!

🙂 🙂 🙂

YAASSSS!  The Mailman!  Primary carrier of all news and information happening!  And yes, I meant to word it just like that.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to my strange phrasing.

E-mail? Text message?  What in the world is that?

Hell Lady G didn’t even get a pager (beeper) until 1993.

Oh, and Fax machines were for businesses honey.

Moving on…

Y’all, Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana, was my imaginary confidant at that moment in time.

Sadly, he left us a few years later.


Believe it or not, Lady G used to rock the hell out of Nirvana’s “Lithium.”

Frankly, back then, it seemed like a fitting tune for Generation X; you know, intermittent lows and highs.

That was us!

Or maybe it was just me 🙂


Anyway, how are you doing on this sultry afternoon in 1992?  I pray that all is well with you.

In any case, you’ll have plenty of space to tell me about it at the After-Party!

And so…

You know what’s up right?

My Jams ‘92

Remember the time by Michael Jackson

YAAASSS honey, when Mike released that video and the peoples saw him do that dance locally known as “The Georgia” we hollered!  I can’t really describe it but I bet you know what I’m talking about: “I bet ‘choo remember, I bet ‘choo remember…”

Now, to be honest, that dance move prolly had many different names.

But down here we KNOW it’s “The Georgia.”

Don’t walk away by Jade

“My love won’t hurt you!”

Chile those Queen Divas kilt it!

That was one of my jammy jam jams right there!

“This is what it sounds like when we make love!”

Hey, Lennon and Tessa! Let’s go get ‘em, girls!

Oh my!  The tales we’ll tell!

Boss chicks!  YAAASSSS!

I’d die without you by PM Dawn

The only song that I liked by PM Dawn.

Back then true hip hop enthusiasts considered them to be kinda corny.

No matter, they had their own thing going on and this was a nice jam.

Breaking my heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)/Forever in your eyes by Mint Condition

“Pretty Brown Eyes” was my “girl” Davida’s jam!  Davida (born David) was my heart.

Whenever we’d go to the club he would decline to slow dance with a woman.

His favorite response was, “Uh no, you might not hold me right.”  LOL!!!!

YAASSSS honey!  Lady G always has and ALWAYS will have much love and respect for the Queens!

Please, no anti-gay comments, Lady G will cuss your ass out about it!

That said, let’s all play nice!

Anyway, I got about a million tales I could tell about me and my ‘girls!’

But I’ll save that tea for later 🙂

Pass it on!

We got a love thang/Inside that I cried CeCe Peniston

Honey, Queen Diva CeCe could belt out a jam, couldn’t she?

“Look what we got!”

Here we go again by Portrait

Hands off ladies!  The short one doing the martial arts move in the video is MINE!

“Here –we— go—–going through the same thing!”

Money don’t matter 2 night by Prince

“It shole didn’t matter yesterday.”

This is probably one of my favorite jams by “The Purple One.”

It is so profound and so true!

Don’t slip, Lady G loves thought provoking art of any kind.

Stay by Jodeci

“Baby won’t you just StAAAAAAy…for a little while!”

“Forget about yesterday ‘cause I want you so bad

Make love to me like you never have..”

Aw shit now!

I simply CANNOT!


Work to do by Vanessa Williams

Alright now!

Queen Diva Vanessa done remade the Isley Brother’s classic “Work to do.”

Did she do it?

You know she did!

Goodbye by Tevin Campbell

An Al B. Sure Production!

Go ‘head on Al!

L’il Tev  know he could sing!

School Me by Gerald LeVert 

STBB Emergency Alert!

Somebody go get a damn paramedic!

Lady G ’bout to pass out!

Syncope!  (Fainting– for you non-medical folks)

Ron come get me! I think it’s my heart!

I ain’t gon’ make it!!!

Where’s the automated external defibrillator?


“You be the teacher, I won’t be no fool.  I did my homework baby, and I’m ready for school…!”

Baby I’m for Real/Natural High by After 7

There go them Edmonds brothers again!

Killing it!

Use me by Men at Large

“Are you hungry?”

This damn song had me hollering!

Nothing like some overweight dudes saying, I know you using me, but if you ‘gon use me –just use me up!


Love’s Taken Over by Chante Moore

Ladies, you know how it is!

You got him now!

“Too bad for you, you can’t free yourself from me.”

Like Ike told Tina, “You can’t get way from me Anna Mae!”


There U Go by Johnny Gill

From the Boomerang soundtrack!

Can you say “sprung?”

Without a damn doubt!

It must be love by  The Good Girls

“‘Cause I’m into it!”

Here go them lightskinded 1990’s Supremes again!

No matter, I loved this jam.

Talk about smooth? Please don’t sleep on this one!  You’ll thank me for reminding you.

They DID that!

Oh yeah, “Just call me” was also boss!

What’s the 411? by Mary J Blige

The album!

Greg Nice kilt me rapping on “Remind me.”

“Infatuated in love with you skiddalee wah wah; Pepe Le Pew!”

Yes he did bite BOTH The Flintstones AND the damn Looney Tunes!

And what?!


Anyway, Mary went and showed her entire ass in ‘93 with “My Life.”

But that’s next year…


Here’s what I was digging in the world of Hip Hop for 1992

Don’t sweat the technique by Eric B and Rakim

Ok children, know this, if you were to ask Biggie or Tupac about flow, they would point you to Rakim!

The rapper’s rapper!


Y’all don’t want nar’n day of Rakim!

Side note:  The word ‘nar’n, is a Southern U. S.  colloquialism for “NONE” or “Not one” or  “Not any.”

You get it now right?

Rakim? Check his technique aspiring rappers!

Learn from your elders 😉

They want EFX by Das EFX

Bum stickity…

I just can’t with that!

The kids loved it!  Shout out to “The Stoker” all up and through Augusta and the ATL.

Fakin’ the Funk by Main Source

Stop frontin’ or you will get called out!

Me and my baby boy rock this all day every day!

Question, what is the connection between actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. and this jam?

Go google it…I’ll wait!

They Reminisce T.R.O.Y by Pete Rock and C. L. Smooth

Much respect to Trouble T-Roy


Ex girl to the next girl by Gang Starr

“The girls look so good..”


Can’t nobody hit that “NEXT” like Guru!

RIP Brah!

I got a man by Positive K

“What ‘cha man gotta do with me?”

Ladies, if we heard that line once, we heard it a thousand times.

Dudes still runnin’ it!


Happy 70th Birthday Mama!  WE LOVE YOU! 🎂🎁


Alas, we have come upon the witching hour!  It is time to release 1992 back into years gone by. Love you 1992!


We can still keep it going in comments!  YAASSSS!  It’s the after-party!

Bring your commentary, your memories, and your jams!

Lady G



Why I Like Millennials

Let me go ahead and get this straight up front, I am not trying to pander to Millennials.  In fact, they probably don’t need or want to read anything more about their generation. But, I do think that baby boomers and folks from generation x should at least take a quick gander at this post.

So let’s define the population.  Millennials are generally identified as people who were born between 1980 and the early aughts (“aught”…What a lovely old term for zero). Now that we’ve established the specifics, please note that everything that I am about to say is solely based on my own observations. Believe me, there is not one iota of science to be found here.

We all know that Millennials were the first generation to come of age during a time when they could readily access information of any shape, form or fashion.  Since their early teens they have been able to quickly find out the best way to do anything from baking a turkey to installing a bathtub.  This fact alone makes them quite unique-to say the least.  At any rate, not only do they have access to vast amounts of information, but I have found that they use this information wisely by ‘running the numbers’ as it were.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a Millennial press what appears to be two virtual buttons on their iPhone and immediately tell you what to do, where to go do it  and why you should or shouldn’t do it in the first place.  Granted, I’m not too shabby with an iPhone and other forms of technology but Millennials take it to that next level.

Pause….In the distant ethers of the internet I can sense someone arguing that all of this exposure to information is counterproductive, distracting, stress inducing…blah, blah, blah!  My response:  While that may be the case, it is not the focus of this post right here (nod to Katt Williams).

Moving on! I would submit that Millennials, by virtue of their access to information, often look at historical mistakes-big or small, learn from them and make more sensible choices.  On any given day, they can be found researching negative outcomes associated with, for example, overspending on a micro level and over consumption on a macro level (or vice versa ). To be honest, I envy this Millennial quality!

Technology aside, I find Millennials, as a whole, to be a witty, funny and thoughtful population.  In my mind, they seem to have taken on some of the more positive traits of prior generations and incorporated them into their own (Feel free to debate which traits Millennials might have taken from which generation on your own).  Just realize that in many cases Millennials are taking on the role of the sensible adults in the room 🙂 Prior generations would do well to get to know them.



Damn I wish I had a smartphone with Wi-Fi  connected to the inter-webs back in 1987!  What do you think?