A Family Conversation: We Don’t Need to Escalate

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.


Mother, mother

There’s too many of you crying

Brother, brother, brother

There’s far too many of you dying

You know we’ve got to find a way

To bring some lovin’ here today

What’s going on. Marvin Gaye

***Includes Strong Adult Language and Situations

This week, the cousins discuss a 2020 reblog of LadyG’s post, “I’ve Noticed,” from July 2016.

BEWARE! In the 3rd audio (maybe it was the 2nd audio), LadyG gets SIDETRACKED when talking about “bad cops.” Of course this led her down a nearby “rabbit hole.” A relevant topic, but a “rabbit hole” nonetheless.


Before abruptly switching topics, I was planning to make the point that bad cops are not made better through additional training. These officers just can’t fit into the new mold that we desire.

Seriously, we need to totally dismantle and restructure the system of racism in law enforcement that continues to dog the marginalized.

Jesus said, and I’m paraphrasing: Don’t pour new wine into old wineskins.

Derek Chauvin and the structure that supported his ability to don the badge is a prime case in point.

I believe that highly trained new officers, who don’t have all of that horrible history of bias, are a much better investment.

If we can train new soldiers to be both skilled at combat and accountable for their actions, we can do the same thing with new police officers.


Psychopaths vs Sociopaths:

Psychopaths tend to be more manipulative, can be seen by others as more charming, lead a semblance of a normal life, and minimize risk in criminal activities. Sociopaths tend to be more erratic, rage-prone, and unable to lead as much of a normal life. When sociopaths engage in criminal activity, they tend to do so in a reckless manner without regard to consequences.

From Psych Central

Based on DSM V

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60 Minutes Article on so-called “white collar crime”

***FACT CHECK: Horace Greeley was not a candidate in the governor’s race in Georgia 1990! Don’t know where I got that from. LOL

A Family Conversation: Take The Chain Off Your Brain

“A Family Conversation” is a storytelling audio series that features weekly discussions between blogging cousins LadyG and Ron Brown on current events along with favorite posts from each other’s blog.


WARNING: Adult Language/Adult Situations

You Gotta Believe in Something

Songwriter: Norman Jesse Whitfield /Performed by: The Pointer Sisters

You got to believe in somethin’
Why not believe in me?
You got to believe in somethin’
Why not believe in me?

What have I, I done to you
To make you mean
And treat me the way you do?

Go on and wave your flag, brother
Start your revolution
I’m willin’ to let you do your thing
Tell me, why are you blind
When it comes to mine?

Take the chain off your brain
Take the chain off your brain

Why don’t you let the Wilson (children) set you FREE!

Go to Facebook The Brown Report to link to Ron’s activism related to the officer involved shooting in Cuthbert, Georgia.

Posts discussed in this conversation:

Defund the Police?

A Host of Witnesses

Missing American History Lesson: The Black Codes

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  • Freedman: Freed by the Emancipation Proclaimation
  • Free Negro: Freed BEFORE the Civil War via manumission/will

RIP: Bonnie Pointer

I See YOU!

THANK YOU! Holler if you HEAR ME!

Lady G is doing a global Roll Call of THANKS TODAY!

Just scroll down after you read this:

I can’t fully express how touched I am to see the whole world–people of every race and ethnicity, standing with black folks in the U.S. as we seek justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and for the permanent dismantling of systemic racism in our society.

Flat out! We NEED your help to do it!

Please stay with us!


If your country is actively involved in George Floyd protests, and I didn’t call you, please holler at me in comments; tell me what you all are doing over there!

I don’t want to miss anybody!

Either way, I’d love to hear from you in comments!


I’ve Noticed…

I wrote this in the summer of 2016.
Granted, as Americans, we don’t like things that make us uncomfortable. That said, I’m asking that we lean into that discomfort and engage in some DEEP self analysis.

For animal lovers, like me, I’ll admit that I was very upset with Amy Cooper for the way she allowed her hatred for a man that she didn’t know to cause her to nearly choke her own damned dog to death.

I’m not going to even touch on her willingness to weaponize the police because someone called her on her stuff!


Now imagine if Christian Cooper had walked over and pressed his knee on that dog’s neck for almost 10 minutes—-until he DIED!

That’s precisely what happened to our brother, and fellow human, George Floyd!
We need to check ourselves!

Make no mistake, America has decided to host a picnic in a gas station bathroom; voluntarily becoming nose-blind to the persistent stench of hatred and death.

Flat out, until we deal with racism and white superiority/supremacy, America will never get its chance to be GREAT for once!

In fact, it will self destruct!

Please believe me when I tell you that nobody wishes America could become GREAT more than people like me!

God have mercy on us! Christ have mercy on us!
#Rest in Power George Floyd

Seek The Best Blog



Friends, I’d like to chat with you about some things that I have recently noticed.

Before I begin, allow me to warn you in advance that you may or may not agree with any of my observations.

That’s alright with me.

But, hopefully, after you read this, we will still be able to maintain a high level of mutual respect; even if we have opposing points of view.

In my mind, that is one of the hallmarks of civility; don’t you think?


Let me start by saying that I strongly believe that we ALL matter.  Every single one of us.


However, based on several past and present events, I’ve noticed that some people do not agree with me. Sadly, I have no choice but to draw this conclusion based on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; not to mention Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown…

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